Houses for sale

Houses and Villas for sale in Bangkok

If condo living is not for you; perhaps you have a large family, pets or you just want a bit more space and/or privacy that living in a condominium might not afford then why not invest in buying a house in Bangkok?

BKKCondos also offer a good selection of houses, townhouses and villas for sale around some of the most popular locations in Bangkok.  Whether it is a new high-end luxury house or villa or a more modest dwelling which you looking to buy, speak with our real estate experts today.  We will listen to and take down your requirements and advise on suitable properties which we have available on our books.  Even if we have nothing to match what you are looking for right now, we have a good network of property owners who we work with in or around Bangkok and are always taking on new houses or villas for sale in the area.

Alternatively if you have a house in Bangkok you are looking to sell and want a trusted, informed and professional real estate agent to work with then look no further than BKKCondos. We will be proactive in marketing the property, getting the right clientele through the door and hopefully securing a quick sale which you and the buyer are both happy with.

What are Bangkok houses like?

Like almost any big city in the world, you can find a wide variety of types of houses in Bangkok in terms of size, design, features, environments and how the house is constructed.

Traditional Thai houses were made of wood and bamboo, materials which were easily accessible and abundant from the surrounding forests.  They were raised on platforms with poles to safeguard against dirt, insects and wildlife and most importantly the flooding that the monsoon rains would bring. They had high-pitched open roofs to assist with circulating the air and cooling from the persistent heat and humidity and the steep roof shape allowed for rain to quickly and easily run off and on to the ground below.

Unfortunately, modern commercial techniques and uncontrolled development has led to many of these old-school houses vanishing and most houses now and built from concrete.

Most of the houses are still built with a ‘Thai style’ or theme although a more western style can easily be found too and is in fact becoming more and more popular amongst Thai locals themselves. Townhouses in or around the city centre can come are a premium price as land and space here is now extremely valuable and sought after and you can get a lot more space and luxury for your money on the outskirts of town.

Houses and Villas for sale in Bangkok