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Top 10 Rooftop Date Restaurants for Valentine's night

Check out Bangkok's top10 romantic places to go this Valentine's Day

Watershed Management Plans in Thailand

A few years ago Thailand experienced the worst floods in over half a century, which led to the submersion of two thirds of the country’s 77 provinces and a death toll of around 600 people. The floods were caused by heavy monsoon rains and a series of tropic storms. This has led to the disruption of Thailand’s economy and destruction of many public and private properties.

14 Points that Should be Included in a Standard Purchase Agreements

The real estate sector in Thailand has experienced overwhelming growth over the past few decades and there exists a lot of opportunities for investors to take advantage of. In the recent past, a lot of real estate investment has been directed towards the development of condos, which is the main avenue available for foreigners in Thailand. However, there are some restrictions that have been set forth by Thai regulations on the type of condominium a foreign investor can buy.

Dispute Settlement in Thailand

In case of disputes, there are three legislations that are usually referred to, the commercial code, the civil code and the bankruptcy law. These disputes are settled internally, decisions of foreign courts are never honored. Thailand courts handle all disputes including the enforcement of property or contract rights. It has been proven to be an effective system despite the relatively slow process.

Reasons to Invest in Thailand

Thailand is a strategically located country in Asia and as a result is highly regarded as a lucrative destination for foreign investment. Thailand is rated as the 23rd largest trading partner to the USA, with two-way trade between the two countries amounting to 25 billion dollars, at the end 2009. Thailand’s economy is mostly export driven, with exports accounting for two thirds of its GDP.

Visa: Ticket to Exploring Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Its rich culture, pristine beaches, historic temples and palaces, delightful food are more than enough reasons to attract tourists in and keep them as regular visitors. The sights to see are breathtaking no matter which part you decide to visit.

Bid Stress Goodbye With Thai Massage

If there is something you ought to experience that’s uniquely Thai, it is Thai massage—that massage system which is so pampering, so invigorating and so soothing that it has mushroomed in many cities of Europe.

Affordable 5-Star Hotels in Chidlom: Coddle Yourself without Spending a Fortune

Dubbed as Bangkok’s version of London’s Knightsbridge Road, Chidlom is a veritable paradise for people who want to witness the city’s most flamboyant sights and visual delights at a minimal cost. Whether you’re here to shop or to be treated like royalty in one of its luxurious hotels, you are bound to enjoy your getaway and head back again sooner than you think.

Modes of Transportation in Bangkok

For all its beauty—or perhaps because of its beauty—Bangkok has the unfortunate lot of falling into the top 10 cities in the world with the worst traffic.  Fortunately, Bangkok has several modes of transportation you can choose from.   Depending on what you want—cheap fare, speed, comfort, or sights—there’s a vehicle just for you in Bangkok.

Floods Push Condo Hike

Floods in Bangkok change the residential market’s demand. According to Samma Kistin, Director of the Real Estate Information Centre (REIC), recent flooding had caused individuals to shy away from low-rise residences in flood prone areas. This in effect creates an increase in demand for condominiums. Having this in mind, real estate developers are inclined in creating more condominium units to meet the market’s demand.

Supalai Wellington : A Piece of Heaven in the Heart of Bangkok

Thailand’s leading property developer, Supalai, once again shows its supremacy by launching its latest luxury havens right at the heart of Bangkok. With size ranging from 47 to 250.50 square meters, these British accented abodes definitely offer kingly experience to its denizens. Having only two to eight units in each level, dwellers enjoy their own privacy yet establish a close relationship with their neighboring units. Those who wanted to enjoy their own space would definitely love this treasured dwelling.

How To Make Your Condo Unit Seem Bigger

The escalating price of condo units has brought about the downsizing of condo dimensions.  Residents are forced to make do with cramped spaces.  There are, however, some tricks you can pull off to create the illusion of a bigger space.   Learn these things by heart if you want to avoid being struck with an attack of claustrophobia.

Satiate Your Wanderlust with Sathorn's Attractions

No Bangkok tour would be complete without a hop at Sathorn Road. Although the area is embedded with financial institutions and embassies, it offers a lot more than the usual places for corporate transactions. Sathorn Road makes up for its lack of traditional sights with the excitement and fascination that it brings especially to history buffs, art enthusiasts and night owls. Forget the chaos of mundane city life and head down to these attractions to learn something new and to unwind.

Bangkok's Off-the-Beaten Tracks

With Bangkok's hustle and bustle, who would have thought that this city is still a home to a number of places that people rarely go to? Even though the mention of the word "Bangkok" evokes images of a rowdy metropolis, it does have  lesser-known attractions that offer people--who yearn to get off the well-trodden tracks--a great sense of tranquility.

Top 5 Tours Around Bangkok

The beauty of Bangkok is yours for the taking if you take any of these 5 most-favorite city tours. Take a pick based on your personality and preferences.  You may simply be looking for beautiful sights, rearing to go deeper into history, craves Thai food and culture or want to take them all, there’s a tour just for you.

Thai Gastronomic Delights that Keep You Coming Back for More

While tourists come flocking to Thailand for its fascinating culture, pristine-sand beaches and colorful, esoteric history, this country is also known for its exotic culinary delights that will surely tickle your palate. You won’t need any other reason to visit Thailand; the food alone—with its mouthwatering blend of hot, sour, bitter and sweet flavors—lures epicures and street food aficionados alike to keep coming back for more of this beautiful country. Here is a short list of Thai foods that has summed up the most resounding symphonies of flavor and the most scrumptious bites.

Fun Things In Store For Kids In Bangkok

When it comes to considering places to travel or reside, one of the top considerations parents often take into account is the child-friendliness level of the place.  Things like schools, hospitals, recreational and leisure centers matter most to parents.  If so, parents would be delighted to know that Bangkok has a lot in store for kids of all ages and personalities.  As the following list will show, the array of fun, frolic and learning activities in Bangkok seems to just go on and on.

Phra Pradaeng or Green Lung - A Charming Getaway Right In Bangkok City

A charming area within the bounds of Bangkok is Phra Pradaeng, or “Green Lung”—a name which befits its rustic, laidback ambiance.  Time Magazine conferred on this place the honor of being the “Best Urban Oasis” in 2006—and for many good reasons.

14 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Bangkok

Bangkok is worth coming to.  It is a robust, full-bodied city with a lot of fascinating places, people, customs and quirks.  The following are just a few of the myriads of surprises and novelties awaiting you in this singularly beautiful city.

Overview On Bangkok International Hospitals

Medical tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon whereby people from affluent countries--where medical costs are exorbitantly high—fly to countries where hospital bills are far cheaper yet with services, technology and amenities that are not very different from Western hospitals. While price may be the overriding reason for why many people now flock to Asian countries, it is also true that there are many other factors as well.