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May 2013 City Plan Presents Major Challenges for Bangkok Real Estate Developers

Bangkok’s new city plan, which will take effect on May 2013, will present plenty of challenges for the Thai capital’s real estate developers. Because of the multitude of significant restrictions that will be imposed by the new plan on the development of residential property, developers raced against time last year in order to complete their various projects.

How to Re vamp your living room in 2013

Are you inspired by other people’s homes? Do you sometimes wish that you could change the look and feel of your home but simply don’t have the time? If this is the case, make 2013 be the year of out with the old and in with the new.

Modern Interior Design in Bangkok

Does art inspire passion or does passion inspire art? Like the age-old question of the chicken and the egg, this one will probably never be answered. But one thing is clear: the best art is made passionately and the fieriest passions inspire the best art.

All You Need to Know about Offices in Bangkok

If you’re considering setting up your company in the Thai capital, here’s everything you need to know about offices in Bangkok.

Ariyasom’s Meditation Workshop: Relaxation in the Midst of the Bustle

Thousands of tourists travel to Thailand every year, many of whom come for relaxation.  The crystal-clear waterfalls are breathtaking venues for that revival and retreat of the soul. But people who come for business and other purposes may not realize how good Thailand is for meditation.

Definition of Terms in the World of Thai Condominiums

Any novice in the world of real estate—condominiums in general and Thai condominiums in particular—would do well to start off by familiarizing themselves with the definitions of the basic terms employed in Thai real estate jargon. 

Oriental Residence-- A Serviced Apartment of Utmost Luxury and Warmth

One special serviced residence in Thailand that has only recently opened but which has already captivated the hearts of its guests is Oriental Residence, a stately edifice situated right at the heart of Bangkok City yet strangely enclosed in solitude and privacy. 

Budget Hotels on Nana: Experience Luxury without Leaving Dents in Your Pocket

Who needs expensive 5-star hotels when budget hotels are available for the modern traveler to enjoy.

Knowing the Condominium By-Laws and the Condominium Juristic Person-- an Important Step Prior to Purchasing a Condominium Unit

You need to know the by-laws of the condominium and understand the concept of the Condominium Juristic Person.

The Jim Thompson House: An Abode Teeming with Passion for Asian Heritage

Sitting on the bank of the Saen Saeb Canal is an elegant residential enclave named after Jim Thompson.

Three Reasons You Won't Want To Buy A Property In The UK

Would you want to own a property in the UK? 

Staying Fit while in Bangkok

Here are some tips on how you can stay true to your health objectives while enjoying all that Bangkok has to offer.

Bangkok’s Deluxe Condominiums: Prices Expected to Keep Soaring

Prices of Bangkok’s high-end condominium units are projected to keep rising in the months and years to come.

SCG Home Solution: Open More Branches for More High Quality Homes

SCG Home Solution responds to the increasing need of the consumers to have a “one-stop solution” to their housing requirements by aiming to open more branches of their “Home Solution Centers.”

Spruce up Your Condo Using Feng Shui Design

Just bought a new condo in Bangkok? Or perhaps thinking of doing a makeover on your current one? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and give Feng Shui designs a try.

One of the Best Hotels in Bangkok is For Sale

Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels has recently put one of Asia’s newest premiere hotels, the Aloft Bangkok on Sukhumvit 11 up for sale through international tender. 

Bangkok’s Properties at Their Prime

According to Bangkok’s property developers and REIC (Real Estate Information Centre), the country is now recovering from the effects of the 2011 Bangkok floods, with condominiums starting to show a marked increase, owing to the fact that residential demand has shifted into the condominium sector.

Why Thailand Is A Favorite Expat Destination

The results of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 showed that—globally--Thailand tops the list of expat destinations

Qualities that You Should Look for in Your Bangkok Real Estate Agent

Bangkok is always bound to show its visitors the best time. This may be the reason why you’ve been looking into renting or buying a property in the city. 

How to Make Sure You'll Get Your Rental Deposit Back

One thing that landlords do to ensure that tenants maintain their property is to require a security deposit.