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Avora 31: Five Star Sukhumvit Apartment for Rent Targeting Japanese Expats

A new Grade A apartment has just been unveiled in the prime location of Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok and it is targeting Japanese expats who are working in downtown Bangkok. The single-ownership residential apartment called Avora 31 was launched by Baan DSC Co., Ltd.

Avoiding the Emotional Downside of House Hunting

Buying a property is a challenge that drains you out both physically and mentally. It consumes a considerable portion of your time, too. More often, a buyer listens to his heart in choosing a new home. And that is completely acceptable. After all, every house hunter’s goal is to be comfortable and happy with his new home.

Raimon Land: Record Profits and Promising Projects

The property boom in Thailand is enriching development firms like Raimon Land Plc. The developer has recently reported a record-high THB496 million, or about US$16.6 million, in net profit for the year 2012. Its EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, has recorded a landmark value of around THB1.06, equivalent to US$35.46 million, also in 2012. This may be partially attributed to the impressive improvement in its profit margin of 33 percent over the course of the year. 

St. Regis Residences: Experience the Perfect Marriage of Luxury and Convenience

A world-renowned chain of international hotels, residences, and resorts, the St. Regis has made its own legacy through its legendary service and upscale amenities. Its history can be traced back to more than a century ago when the ever first five-diamond and five-star St. Regis Hotel was built on Fifth Avenue, New York. 

Stable Price Growth Expected for Thailand Real Estate

A healthy economy and its industrial means are two of the biggest factors that could influence the stable growth of Thailand’s real estate market in the next five years, according to the Bangkok Post. Although this is the case, many experts have voiced their concerns about the growth in Thai real estate. Lately, concerns have surfaced that the rapid growth of residential construction in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand is powered by the unsteady returns in individual wealth from the stock market, which has resulted from an enhanced foreign portfolio investment.

The Menam Residences: Where Five-Star Luxury Living Awaits You

Inspired by the beauty and splendor of the Chao Phraya River, the Menam Residences is a new, high-rise landmark gracing the riverside skyline. The building, which is 54-storeys tall, is circumspectly designed so that all residents can enjoy spectacular views of the river.

Condo Unit in Bangkok: Should You Rent or Buy?

This article will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both owning a Bangkok condo unit and renting one. 

Visa: ID to Studying in Thailand

If you wish to study in Thailand, you have to secure an Education Visa. An education visa is a visa type given to foreigners who wish to study in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand Real Estate Sector Lures Local and Foreign Investments

Thailand is attracting a lot of investors these days. The economic prosperity in the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) region is drawing a lot of foreign interests. Thailand’s prominent role in the economic integration of ASEAN countries contributes to the positive outlook for the country, attracting more investments into its real estate industry.

Thai Property Developers to Focus on Bangkok's Outskirts

The successful completion of a mass transit line is luring property developers to draw their attention on to the borders of Bangkok. In particular, the areas concerned are those around the Purple Line route that stretches between Bang Sue and Bang Yai, The Nation reported.

Investing for Cash Flow: Why Should You?

The stock market is indeed a risky place to park your money. While it is true that it is one place where you can get rich instantly, it is also where you can lose a huge chunk of your funds. But thanks to cash flow investing, people have devised a way to earn even when stock prices go up and down very unpredictably.

Thailand’s Booming Real Estate Sector Draws New Players

The current trend in the Thai property market is attracting a lot of attention from businesses and industries outside property. Colliers International Thailand’s senior manager for sales and marketing Monchai Orawongpaisan reported that over half of those coming in as new developers, which are launching new projects, were from sectors like garments, machinery, and jewelry. The projects they are launching are meant to be completed by 2015 in time for the ASEAN economic integration which is set in 2016. Colliers has noted a significant rise in the number of projects being launched. 

Professional Photos: Do They Sell Homes?

Selling your home, whether it be a house or a condo, is a challenging task and may not be as easy as buying one.  The moment you decide to sell your home, you are compelled to put emphasis on its visual, aesthetic features to make it more appealing to potential buyers. While it is true that every buyer has his own list of considerations in purchasing anything (be it a gadget, clothing or property), most of the successful deals in history always begin with a catchy and desirable advertisement to spark the interest of prospects. Photography Service

Condo Boom in Bangkok: What is in Store for Foreign Investors?

Much of the recent hype in the condominium segment of real estate sales in Thailand is driven by foreign nationals. The return of political stability in the country has allowed the large inflow of investments in its properties.

Negotiating to Buy a Home like a Pro

Negotiating and haggling skills are not very common traits. So for many, buying a house can be quite stressful.  But the art of negotiation can be mustered with these few pieces of advice.  This article collects some helpful tips, from property professionals and real estate agents, on handling delicate price negotiations.

Tips for Long-Distance Apartment Searches

Looking for an apartment outside Bangkok? Or are you a suburban dweller trying to move into the big city? The hunt can be really stressful especially if you have lived all your life in your current place. Here are a few simple steps that can help you in your search.

When to Say You Have Found the Right Apartment

Hunting for an apartment is never an easy job. You would be lucky if after a few searches you are able to find what you like. But usually, this is not the case. Some people even commit the mistake of grabbing what they thought is a wonderful choice, only to regret in the end. That would double the stress level. So to avoid this, make sure you have considered these guidelines when looking for the right apartment.

Health Resorts and Spas in Bangkok

As one of the premiere tourist destinations in South East Asia, Bangkok is host to multitudes of places that provide much needed rest and relaxation to tourists, particularly through R&R oriented establishments such as Health Resorts and Spas. Here are some of the places you should check out if you plan on hitting Bangkok in the future:

Best Glamorous Bars and Restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok may be a bit too lively for some and does also have a fair amount of poverty but, despite this, it has its own charm. Those that want to go out to be seen are offered tons of glamour and glitz. Despite not being quite up to the same standard as Milan or Paris when it comes to opulence or beautiful people, there are still a number of upmarket, prestigious venues to be visited by those who want to be seen and where you will be rubbing shoulders with the Thai elite.

10 Percent Growth of Real Estate Market Foreseen;  Optimistic Firms to Launch 216 Housing Projects This Year

The year 2012 saw a growth of 5 to 10 percent in the Thai property market; this year, the real estate industry is predicted to grow at much the same rate. The robust health of the industry is, undoubtedly, encouragement enough for developers throughout Thailand to plan the launch of an estimated 216 housing projects, all to be completed before the year 2013 ends.