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The Thai Imagery Museum: Tap into Thailand's Colorful History

Most people wonder how Thai people lived in the past. Who were their leaders and how exactly did they look like? These are some of the intriguing questions that had eventually led to the establishment of The Thai Human Imagery Museum.

The Openbilled Stork Temple: A Bird Scene like No Other

Birds of a feather flock together. Do you ever believe in that? This saying never came from just one individual’s creative thought. You might be compelled to think that whoever came up with this might have been to Thailand at some point.

Tenant or Landlord: Who Is Responsible For Commercial Property Maintenance?

There are a number of differences between residential and commercial property contracts, which often serve to catch people out, particularly those who have rented a commercial property for the first time.

The Reawakening of the Chao Phraya River

It is expected that the most in demand properties are the ones that are close to the most practical transportation system. It makes going from the residence to their place of work easy and fast. For Bangkok, virtually all areas where the train stops are considered prime spots.

Relish Hole-In-Ones in Bangkok's Premier Golf Courses

If you are in Bangkok and would like to experience golf Thai style, or if you just have a hankering to play golf on an international course, then fret not. The city is home to numerous world-class golf courses, including 20 breathtaking, verdant courses in or around it that should satisfy even the most avid fan of the sport.

Learn to Cook Thai Food in Bangkok's Culinary Schools

Do you find yourself struggling to perfect Thai dishes you just can’t seem to eat without?  Or do you simply want to learn how to cook Thai food that will have your loved ones begging for more? If your answer is "yes" to both questions, then taking a look at these three leading culinary schools in Bangkok will bring you a step closer to achieving your goal.

St. Regis Hotel and Residences-- The Finest Blend of Western Luxury and Local Charm

St. Regis Hotel and Residences is yet another luxurious mixed-use hotel standing along 159 Rajadamri Road.  Said to be a fine fusion of New York sophistication and Thai mystique, the hotel is dubbed as one of the premier tourist accommodations in Asia’s tourism capital. 

The Banyan Tree Residences-- A Lovely Tropical Home in Bangkok

Your own space at Banyan Tree Residences guarantees refined living right at the very heart of the city that never sleeps—Bangkok.  Banyan Tree Residences occupies 4 floors of the 61-storey Banyan Tree Hotel, a statuesque structure situated along Sathorn Road of the busy embassy and business district. 

Bangkok Shopping: Learning the Art of Bargaining

With its numerous up-scale department stores and bustling night markets, Bangkok might just mean total drowning and overdose for shopping junkies. It beckons merchants from all around the world to come and buy its cheap, quality products. But before you immerse yourself in endless shopping, it would help if you learn some bargaining tips and tricks to get the best deal on your purchases and save yourself from getting ripped off.  

Ritz-Carlton Residences-- Ravishing and Rich

Ritz-Carlton Residences displaces all others in terms of looks and location.  As part of the spectacular Mahanakthon Development project, it is part and parcel of the tallest building in Bangkok.  Set to be completed in 2014, it is projected to be a towering one.  Looking out over the Central Business District at a proud elevation of 300 meters, this luxury condominium holds 77 floors composed of 200 high-end condominium units. 

Bangkok's Bizarre Sights-- Definitely Worth Including in Your Bucket List

A pulsating city entwined with rich cultural heritage, Bangkok offers a fertile ground for the most unusual sights in the entire world. This strange yet beautiful city has no shortage of interesting experiences to share.

Live Extraordinaire at Q Langsuan

Q Langsuan is definitely the most stunning architectural standout ever to grace Langsuan Road.  Many are now scrambling to make it their home in Bangkok City.  It is one of Bangkok’s luxury high-rise condominiums and one which is dubbed as the city’s premier freehold condominium, offering perhaps the only chance anyone may have of owning a freehold condominium right smack in the city.

Sukhothai Residences-- The Epitome of Lavish Living

One of the most awaited luxury condominium projects in Bangkok is the Sukhothai Residences, a twin tower complex of condominiums which is situated right at the very heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District.

Bangkok’s Floating Markets: Where You're In for a Unique Shopping Experience

Welcome to Bangkok—a magical city where you can find a fascinating cocktail of traditions and modernity. 

Bangkok's Top-rate Serviced Apartments

If you’re in Bangkok on an extended visit, one of the best deals you can get is a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments are fully-furnished units that are available for short-term and long-term rent. They usually come with a full range of amenities including gym facilities, laundry and butler services, and sports and recreation areas.

The BTS: Exploring the City’s Fantastic Sights Has Never Been so Quick and Fun!

In an effort to make things more efficient for both foreigners and locals, the government of Thailand has developed the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Sky Train. This mass transit system is the fastest and cheapest way to get to all of Bangkok’s sights, shopping centers, and parts of interest.

The Bolstering Value of Baht and its ‘Marginal Effects’ on the Thai Property Market

The recent weeks proved to be some of the best weeks for the Thai baht, which is currently at its “strongest” state since it was floated in 1997. The value of baht has strengthened so dramatically, in stark contrast to the dark days of the Asian financial crisis, when it suffered a hard blow.

English Buyers Set Their Sights on Thailand

English overseas property investors are very interested in foreign real estate, as evidenced by the throngs of attendants at the Place in the Sun property exhibition held in the Olympia Exhibition Center in London. The exhibit, which took place from April 12-14, 2013, received more than 5,000 interested parties, which is 20% higher than the figures recorded in 2012.

Different Types of Bangkok Properties: Pros and Cons

Any person who is thinking of moving to Bangkok or transferring to any other city in Thailand should keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages that may come with each type of property he chooses. So what residence would you like to have? No matter what your choice might be, there are several factors you need to think about before signing a contract.

Thailand Property Awards to Present New Recognition Categories in 2013

Known as the foremost award-giving body that recognizes the best entities and corporations in field of real estate, the Thailand Property Awards continues to be one of the country’s most respected property competitions. An annual event hosted by Ensign Media, Thailand Property Awards is poised to unveil two new additions to its categories for the year 2013.