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Best Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

 Luxury serviced apartments are all the rage in Bangkok because of the huge number of immigrants, business travellers, and tourists that want a home away from home within the heart of the city. While having all the amenities of a first-class hotel, serviced apartments also have the small comforts of home like separate areas for dining and relaxing. Having business offices, restaurants, and shopping malls conveniently near is a big bonus. Because of the increasing popularity of serviced apartments, it may seem a bit of a challenge to find one that’s exactly what you’re looking for. So, here’s a list of Bangkok’s best serviced apartments in a variety of areas.

Top International Schools in Bangkok

Bangkok has an excellent education system with numerous international schools that cater to every child’s needs. For those who have kids at preschool or kindergarten age (maybe even younger), you’re probably wondering what international schools offer programs for kids that young. Here’s a list of the top international schools in Bangkok that you should check out.

Different Rental Places In Thailand

Finding a rental place in Bangkok can be a daunting thing. Aside from finding out what your budget is and where you’d like to be located, you also need to know what types of rental places are out there. Here’s a brief description of each type of rental place.

What Kind of Apartment Will Your Budget Get You

A land of beauty and opportunity, people are moving into Thailand in droves. And a lot of them have no idea of how much renting an apartment should cost and what type of apartment (and maybe furniture and amenities) they’ll get within their budget.

Bangkok Condo Defies Global Economic Crisis

The global economy is still healing. Like an addict in rehabilitation, we still see signs of occasional relapse but it is generally in the process of recovery.

To Rent or To Buy in Thailand?

One dollar is approximately THB 32.8. That makes Thailand an attractive country to foreigners. Add to this the fact that it is a safe country. The crime rate is low. It’s clean and it has a balance of civilization and tradition. If you are relocating to Thailand, for work or by choice, congratulations, it’s one of the best cities in the world. It could get confusing when you are already trying to decide whether you want to buy or rent a property. There are four basic things you need to consider.

New Property Developments In Thailand

Bangkok’s real estate has been at a steady rise for quite some time. New projects are currently being launched in different parts of the city. There are 3 new developments that look extremely promising as residences (if you’re looking to live there) and as investments.

Choosing the Right Area to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is unbelievably diverse. One area can be a commercial district and a residential place at the same time. What areas suits you best depend on several factors such as your main area of business and budget. Outside of these two, it might be worth knowing the different places in Bangkok and what they are known for.

Things to Think About When Moving to Bangkok

Bangkok is unique in being one of the few cities in the world where tradition and modernization meet. Where else will you see elephants freely walking the main entertainment avenue? Where else will you find a palace made of gold among the shopping malls?

Possessed by the Clutterbug

Convenience is really something that makes condo living in Bangkok really an irresistible proposal due to the proximity of everything you need in living the high life. Having residence in the city center lets you enjoy the best things Bangkok has to offer in terms of culture and business opportunities coupled with entertainment and leisure facilities at your disposal.

Thailand Property Ownership

There are many available options for a foreigner to own realty in Thailand and this can only be possible if you understand the different ownership structures relating to land titles. There are basically three common forms of ownership, they are the leasehold, freehold through a condo title, and freehold through acquisition by a Thai company.

How Independent Escrow Services Work

On December 21, 2007 the Parliament of Thailand enacted the current escrow laws and this took effect five months after on May 19, 2008. The law basically acts as a protection for both buyers and sellers of real estate from a possible fraud or deceit. This is made possible by hiring the services of third party because it is considered to be neutral and who holds property, funds, or legal documents that can be disbursed when specific conditions are already followed as set forth by the buyer and seller in relation to a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Title Insurance

Land typically is a very good investment because unlike personal possessions that could become obsolete, lose value, or even become immobile like cars, by comparison, land is indestructible and does not depreciate. This makes it common to associate land and control of it to be considered a symbol of power and wealth.

Things to Consider: Buying a Condo on the Bangkok Market

There is a wide option in the market for real estate hunters who would want to have a condo in Bangkok. Having many to choose from certainly at times can be confusing, but all the consumer basically needs to remember is that their purchase should match their tastes and needs.


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Can Pattaya be a Designated Area for Sustainable Tourism?

Pattaya City executives ambitiously want to turn the city into ''New Pattaya, the World Class Greenovative Tourism City'' with a ''green and clean'' environment for tourists and locals, at a cost of 15 billion baht to try to change the seaside resort's image.

The Property Market Boom Returns to Rangsit Area in Bangkok

Rangsit area property market is booming again following the severe flooding late in 2011, with both listed and non-listed developers launching low- and high-rise residential projects worth more than Bt30 billion since October 1, 2012.

MÖVENPICK White Sand Beach Pattaya

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