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Starting a Business in Thailand: FBA & Corporate Entities

FBA FBA is the primary legislation that sets the regulations on all foreign businessmen. In particular, businesses were broken down to 43 categories and grouped into three schedules. The schedule dictates the restrictions of the business:

Non Resident Taxes in Thailand

Nonresidents are still liable to pay taxes on income earned from Thailand sources as well as income received from foreign sources brought into Thailand. But nonresident who has lived in Thailand for a period less than 180 days is, within a tax year, only liable to file a tax return based on income earned from Thailand sources.

Tips on Lease Agreements

Given the absence of formal legislation, Thailand may be described as a pro-landlord country and the only protection tenants can seek, from a legal perspective, is through the use of a lease agreement. Here are some of major factors, found on a lease agreement.

Starting a Business in Thailand: Amity Treaty and Limited Liability

Thailand is located in Asia and as such, has its own set of unique requirements in the business registration process. For instance, all the company documents submitted have to be in the Thai language and the Foreign Business Act places restrictions on the activities of business foreigners can participate in. There are other complications but the information below will give you a better grasp of how it works.

How to Gain Permanent Residency in Thailand

Thailand is well known around the world for its breathtaking landscapes, unique cultural base, friendly people and plenty of investment opportunities. Therefore, it is not a surprise that some Americans would like to convert their temporary stay into a permanent situation by becoming a permanent resident.

Rights of Tenants in Bangkok

Thailand has attracted a lot of foreign investment over the years and has sought ways to protect the rights of foreigners who live and work here. There are many different types of properties for rent in Thailand such as apartments, condominiums and houses. Most of them come fully furnished with modern furniture and household equipment.

Is There a Way to Own a Land in Thailand?

There are plenty of investment opportunities in Thailand. Real estate is one of the most lucrative. This naturally led foreign investors to seek ways to tap into this market. The only problem is Thai legislation which has set certain parameters on the extent to which foreign investors can buy property in Thailand.

Top Ten European Restaurants in Bangkok

Here are some great European restaurants you need to try in Bangkok. Go on, treat yourself!

Where To Buy Ingredients For Foreign Food

When in Bangkok, you should know where to go to buy the best ingredients for cooking at home.

Top 5 Universities in Thailand

There are universities in Thailand that provide the same quality of education as universities in the US and Europe. Below are the top 5 universities in Thailand based on the 2011 world ranking.

Buying a House and Land in Bangkok

Real estate business has been steady in Thailand since 2009. Approximately 28,000 units are transferred yearly and demands for new homes are still growing. However if you’re planning to own a house and a land, there are several things to consider.

Finding a Maid in Thailand

Only millionaires can afford maids in the West and that’s one of the things Americans and Europeans love about Asia especially Thailand. Getting a maid in Thailand is more affordable. You don’t need to be a millionaire. Here are the categories and level of services offered by maids in Thailand.

Thailand Investment Visa Basics

 An investment visa is just like a normal visa, except that approval is restricted to those who intend to live inside a given area, based on the investment that the individual will be controlling. This concept is not new in Thailand. During the crisis of 1997, an investment visa was introduced to help Thai developers to sell their condominium units to foreign investors. 

The Tallest, Most Expensive Building in Bangkok is Rising

Also known as the MahaNakhon, this visionary project will lead to the development of a 77-storey high complex, built on a 3.6 acre site, located in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business district with a direct link to the Chongnonsi BTS sky train station.

Buy Off Plan : Explained

Buying off plan is when you buy the property before the developer even starts building it. Most big condos and villas are sold in this manner. This method allows you to buy a property that will be built in the future for today’s prices.

Confusion Over First Time Home Buyers Tax Cuts

The Government of Thailand embarked on a tax-scheme meant to stimulate the housing market, by offering a maximum tax deduction of 10% for first-time home owners on houses costing up to 5 million baht

Legal Considerations When Buying a Property in Thailand

We posted some information on laws that foreigners must know about property ownership in Thailand. Below is some more information. Just remember that this is not meant to replace a lawyer’s advice. A foreigner cannot have a land’s title deed under his or her name. Instead, the law allows them to do one of two things:

5 Luxurious Condos in Thailand

In the middle of the Bangkok landscape, some residential buildings stand out. These condos provide the best property prices and location possible. They also offer the luxurious amenities that only the privilege can afford. Here are some of the Top Five Luxury Condos in Thailand. Browse through and you are sure to find the best luxury condo that suits your needs.

Dogs In Bangkok

Thailand can be dog-friendly. Why not? Bangkok puts forward the sidewalks and huge parks for dogs and their owners to cuddle and spend some quality bonding time. Although there were reports back in 2007, it was estimated that there have been around 120,000 stray dogs found in the capital city. But that does not keep pet owners from domesticating and pampering their best friends.

Best Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

 Luxury serviced apartments are all the rage in Bangkok because of the huge number of immigrants, business travellers, and tourists that want a home away from home within the heart of the city. While having all the amenities of a first-class hotel, serviced apartments also have the small comforts of home like separate areas for dining and relaxing. Having business offices, restaurants, and shopping malls conveniently near is a big bonus. Because of the increasing popularity of serviced apartments, it may seem a bit of a challenge to find one that’s exactly what you’re looking for. So, here’s a list of Bangkok’s best serviced apartments in a variety of areas.