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Things to Consider In Choosing A Real Estate Sales Agent

For most of us, real property is probably the biggest commodity we have and buying or selling it would be the biggest transaction of our lives.  It is thus imperative that such a big deal should be entrusted into the hands of no less than a professional and reliable person.  Here are some things you should look for in a real estate sales agent.

Top Furniture Suppliers /Stores

Thailand has a good supply of talent and proficient furniture suppliers, who have experience l creating both local antiques and international quality furniture designs. Here is a listing of some of the best suppliers within Thailand.

Property Taxes in Thailand

Tax implications should be a chief concern while making any type of property investment in foreign countries including Thailand. Both resident and non-residents (those that have been living in Thailand with no resident visa or have been in Thailand for less than 180 days) are taxable. All income derived from a Thailand source, whether or not it was paid within or outside of Thailand, are taxable. Thailand has its set of own unique laws. Here is a list of taxes which foreigners are subject to pay while in the country.

Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place to live in, with plenty of tourist attractions and investment opportunities. This has led to a huge boom in the property market, as more and more foreigners look for opportunities to buy personal property, either for personal use or as an investment. In their home countries, most foreigners will often be financed through a mortgage.

Top 10 Hotels that Reflect Thailand’s Culture

Part of the attraction of Thailand is its rich culture. Fortunately, there are many hotels in Bangkok that have elected to incorporate Thailand’s culture in their architecture and service.

Ministry to Brief PM on Transport Projects’ Progress

The minister for transport, Sukampol Suwannathat, provided a report to the prime minister, on the development of the government’s campaign policies, under his ministry.

Two Internationally Branded Hotels Offered For Sale

Two internationally branded hotels situated in two of the most popular beach locations in Thailand are for sale: the Courtyard by Marriott Hua Hin situated in the Gulf resort of Cha-am and the Courtyard by Marriott Phuket located at Patong Beach.

Real Estate 2012 Predictions

Thailand is now reeling from the effects of the worst floods it has experienced, in the last 50 years. The damage it has caused could have a long term effect and may alter the current picture of the real estate market. The floods started around October 2011, which led to the closure of industrial plants, the abandonment of housing projects and the destruction of houses. Even though clear up efforts may provide some momentary relief for construction companies, reports warn that Thailand’s economy is likely to see a drop 2012.

Flood-Hit Economy Retools For 2012

In the wake of recent flooding activity, experienced in Thailand in the latter part of 2011, business are retooling themselves to accommodate and take advantage of fast-changing consumer behavior. An expected shift in consumer preference is the move from consumption of mass products to luxury goods, luring tourists from around Asia. Here are some of the expected market trends in products and services.

3 Ways of Hiring Domestic Workers

The services of domestic staff (maids, housekeepers, gardeners and nannies) in Thailand can be an indispensable assistance to foreigners. You can hire domestic workers either on a full or part time basis. Some of the common and resourceful avenues for finding domestic staff include an agency, advertisement in a local bulletin board or newspaper or through referrals.

Driving in Thailand

This is an introduction on driving laws in Thailand and the do’s and don’t while driving on them.

Tips for Buying a Condominium in Bangkok

Recent flooding activity in Thailand has caused the demand for condominiums to rise. Some people are either opting to buy a condo as a second house or just as an investment. Either way, certain questions are starting to crop up, as they begin to search for a condominium. These are some of the major factors each buyer should consider while buying a condo.

Things to Check in a Building or Home After a Flood

One of the most common questions being asked is how could someone who is not an engineer or architect can determine whether a building or a house remains strong enough to withstand water pressure especially after going through the flood.

Thai Condo Developers Targeting Buyers from the Middle East

Middle easterners, as well as foreigners based in countries such as United Arab Emirates, have recently shown interest in investing in properties in Asia, specifically Thailand, according to Sorapoj Techakraisri, Pace Development Corporation CEO. To respond to the increased demand of Middle Eastern clients for luxury properties, real estate developers in Thailand are currently targeting clients from the region for their up and coming residential properties in the capital city of Bangkok.

The Mall Group Slates THB 400 million for Major Renovation Projects

The Mall Group, one of Thailand’s largest mall operators, is poised to spend a whopping THB 400 million for the overhaul and redecoration of its shopping malls in Bang Kapi, Ngam Wong Wan and Bang Khae. This is in line of the organization’s mission of upgrading and transforming its shops to high-class entertainment and lifestyle retail venues, similar to its other malls – Siam Paragon and the Emporium.

Tips on Making The Most Out of Your Dollar

Exchanging your money for a Baht can be tricky. Like other countries, different establishments follow different exchange rates. No one, not even the billionaires, like being cheated of what their money’s real worth is. Below are some tips on how you can make sure you are getting your real money’s worth.

Tips for Expat Wives

It has often been said that “home is where your heart is”. Therefore, so long as your heart is in the right place, then moving to a new country should not be such a daunting task. Here are some of the major factors you need to take into account, to make your move a success.

3 Reasons Why Expats Choose Apartments Over Condos

The availability of apartments in Thailand is growing thinner and thinner every day, thanks to the increasing demand among expatriates who live and work in Thailand. Most of this demand is within the downtown Bangkok area, where most foreigners show a preference to apartments over condominiums.

Thailand Anti-Money Laundering Law

The Anti-Money Laundering Act was passed in March, 2008. The aim of this legislation was to eradicate the drug trade, along with other illegal activities. The Act was recently amended in 2008 to broaden the scope of criminal liability and to increase the powers to conduct investigations and seizures.

Flood Has No Long-Term Effect On Property Market In Thailand

The floods recently experienced in Thailand have vastly affected the property market, with a varying degree of impact in the different sectors. Here is a breakdown of the effects and recovery strategies for each sector in the market: