About Us

Over seventeen years BKKCONDOS has become one of the chosen companies by foreigners and locals alike for Bangkok real estate transactions, more specifically for buying, selling, or renting condominiums and apartments in central Bangkok.

We at BKKCONDOS aim at providing you fair and honest advice and the best choices of accommodation while in Bangkok. Our firm is a well established one and while many agencies come and go, we have been around since 2006 and due to our straightforward, no nonsense approach, we have been trusted by clients from some of the largest companies in the world.

We assure you that our well established firm will always have something to show and offer you, and thus help save time and money during your search for the right accommodation in Bangkok.

So please do not hesitate to contact our agents if you want to make an enquiry about our listings, schedule a viewing or you just want some general advice regarding Real Estate. You can call us on +66 (0)84-657-9247, visit our Bangkok office or send an email through our website using the Contact Us page. We are always happy to listen to your comments, inquiries and feedback.

Have a great day!