Real Estate Photography

Selling/Leasing Your Property: The Importance of First Impressions
Selling or leasing out a property nowadays is not a walk in the park. With the way huge and well-funded realty developers are advertising their units, a mere homeowner who wishes to sell his property, will only be disappointed in realizing that the real estate market is not that welcoming. Even with the help of a professional broker, it takes a lot of creativity to advertise one’s property and attract potential buyers.


First Impressions Do Last
The necessity of attracting potential buyers cannot be toned-down. In relation to attracting potential buyers, there has got to be nothing more important in selling a unit than making first impressions. The initial reaction of a buyer upon seeing a property on sale will depend hugely on how ideal the property with regard to his plans for it.


Professional Photography: Why Go for One?
This is where photography comes in. Everyone has seen those pictures of properties, which are advertised in various websites and even in social networking. The pictures can range from amateur to creative. What a seller needs to understand is that there is a common denominator among those creatively-taken pictures – they are all captured and developed professionally.


Our Services
Many sellers of real property have been requiring the help of professional photographers in advertising their homes. We can provide you with the very same service. Fifteen professionally captured photos will be made available to you for the price of only 3,500 baht. That’s about the most affordable price out there. If you notice the pictures from above, the distinction between a professionally-taken photograph from one that’s done by an amateur is obvious. The gap is quite huge; and this same gap could literally affect how you attract potential buyers. It is but logical to conclude that the disparity is definitely worth more than 3,500 baht.


The Small Window of Opportunity
When a potential buyer visits the Internet and sees your page with a photo of your property, he will want to imagine how he will fit in. This is the reason you need to properly advertise your property. On average, a potential buyer will spend less than a minute in viewing your photos. This small window of opportunity when a potential buyer spends less than a minute on your photo is the most critical part of selling properties. Exploit this small window. 


How an Amateur Photo Can Ruin Your Chances
You cannot do this with a “home” camera.  As can be gleaned from the photos above, there is just too much disparity both in quality and overall appeal between a professionally-taken picture and one taken by an amateur. This should serve as a caution to landowners who think that their creativity qualifies as a sufficient reason to take photography matters into their own hands. That is a big no-no in the field of selling and leasing out real properties.

To sum up, a seller must always remember to never downplay the importance of projecting a good first impression upon potential buyers. He will want to take potential buyers into his property so that they can negotiate there. This first step is also the most crucial and must be dealt with professionally. This is where our help becomes significant. With your creativity and our technical skills, advertising your condo or house won’t be as difficult as before.