Hunting for an apartment is never an easy job. You would be lucky if after a few searches you are able to find what you like. But usually, this is not the case. Some people even commit the mistake of grabbing what they thought is a wonderful choice, only to regret in the end. That would double the stress level. So to avoid this, make sure you have considered these guidelines when looking for the right apartment.


Don’t be impulsive. 

Chances are you will find out there are better places out there. So don’t grab the first one that is offered to you. Check out at least three other places before you decide.


Consider convenience and the type of environment.

Are you looking for convenience in terms of location, or you would not mind to travel to and from the area as long as you like the place? Sure, you may be enticed by one of your friends offering a really nice place in Pattaya. You find the place spacious and cheap, but is it worth the long travel if you happen to work in Bangkok? Think about it. The neighborhood is going to be a key factor for you to either like or dislike your place, so scout for the neighborhood that you like. You may have passed by one neighborhood that you particularly liked before. Try scouting in that area for a start. You would know that you have found the right place if you liked it so much you can’t wait to move in.


Do a background check.

Since you are renting, your landlord is responsible for addressing your concerns, like fixing things in and around your apartment and looking after your welfare and safety, so be careful in choosing. Check with authorities if he or she has had bad records in the past or pending lawsuits. If you find anything unusual, you have to pass.


Collect and compare.

Make sure you have a few in your list that you can qualify as the three best choices. Then pick the best among them, which should not be difficult to do once you have set your options. In choosing, make sure the final pick lives up to your top criteria. If your top requirement is affordability, then go for the most affordable, but make sure that it somehow satisfies your other criteria.


Don’t give in to pressure.

If your broker is asking for your immediate decision, don’t give in. This is one decision that needs forethought and careful planning. It can even be a life-changing one, so take your time.  You should know that you are being pushed hard for something when all of a sudden there’s a paper in front of you waiting to be signed. Politely decline and express your intention to think things through carefully prior to deciding.


Does it feel right?

In the past, you may have experienced doing something or going in some place, and it feels just right. Do you feel the same thing when you go walk in to a place in your list? That means the vibe is just right for you, you have a light feeling and you like the place. Can you picture yourself having a real nice, peaceful time after coming home from work in one of its corners? If you do, then congratulations, for you have finally found the right abode for you!