Thailand is definitely one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Its rich culture, pristine beaches, historic temples and palaces, delightful food are more than enough reasons to attract tourists in and keep them as regular visitors. The sights to see are breathtaking no matter which part you decide to visit.


A Glimpse of Thailand’s Treasures If you happen to choose the central part of the kingdom, where Bangkok is located, you can find the mixture of old and new Bangkok. The old capital, Ayutthaya, is found here where you can taste Thailand’s rich history. Kanchanaburi and Nakhon Pathom are also good sites to visit. To the east, about two hours from Bangkok, you will be greeted by breath-taking beaches of Pattaya. The fine sand and limpid waters will surely take your stress away. If you have inkling for adventure, you can ride the rapids in Prachinburi as well. Even if you look north of the country, you will still be entertained and relaxed by the fresh air and mountainous ambiance. You can explore some caves and falls if you want to. The northeast part wouldn’t fall behind with its archeological structures. You’ll be amazed to behold some dinosaur’s fossils in Kalasin. Of course, the south is equally as beautiful. Sea lovers will salivate in this paradise having a number of beaches and islands to choose from. The beautiful underwater world in this part of Thailand is a must see indeed.


Knowing some of Thailand’s treasures, I am pretty sure you are more than willing to book your soonest flight to Thailand. But, not so fast, you have to have your visa before you can enjoy this beautiful piece of heaven on earth.


Tourist Visa When your intention is primarily for pleasure, you do need a tourist visa. A tourist like you needs to secure a tourist visa granting you enough 60 days to explore the wonders of Thailand. You can get this through a Thai embassy or consulate before you arrive. If you feel that the number days are still not enough to complete your Thailand experience, you can request for a 30-day extension. However, there is no assurance that you will be allowed 30 days extension. It depends on the immigration officer and the number of days of stay on tourist visa as indicated in his/her passport.


Visa Necessities There are basic requirements before you can get your Thailand visa. First thing is your valid passport or travel document, whose validity is not less than six months. You have to prepare also your complete visa application form available at the embassy and a photograph 6x4 cm in size. Lastly, don’t forget to show evidences of being a tourist such as fully paid roundtrip ticket and enough amount of pocket money. Visa fee is 1,000 Baht. Be aware also that the embassy reserves the right to request for additional requirements if they deem necessary.


Visa-on-arrival versus Tourist Visa Visa-on-arrival is different from a tourist visa. Visa-on-arrival is given to tourists upon arrival from specific countries and can be obtained in Thailand’s international checkpoints. This kind of visa is valid for 15 days. Aside from the difference in the number of days of stay, visa-on-arrival is generally not allowed for an extension compared to a tourist visa. Only special instances such as medical condition that may delay timely departure can be allowed for an extension. The complete list for countries allowed for visa-on–arrival can be checked in Thailand embassies in your country. Should you have any visa related inquiries or visa extension requests, visit the Immigration Office at The Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty, B Building, Floor 2 (South Zone), Chaengwattana Road (Soi 7), Laksi , Bangkok 10210