If you wish to study in Thailand, you have to secure an Education Visa. An education visa is a visa type given to foreigners who wish to study in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is necessary to those who wish to enroll in educational institutions may it be private or government, high school or university. People who wish to proceed with other trainings or conduct research should also have this kind of visa. To those who enroll in special schools like diving school, Muay Thai and language school, they may also obtain student visa after officially enrolling in these specialty schools. However, there is a possibility that the privileges are different than those who enroll in regular educational institutions. With the education visa, one can enjoy an extension of up to one year as long as the necessary requirements are met. If you intend to enroll in the mentioned institutions, read on.  


Government Institutions

A support letter from the government institution stating the period of study shall be the basis of the permission to stay but should not exceed one year. One should also have a non-immigrant visa and must have a confirmation from the specific educational institution to serve as proof for the purpose of stay.


Private Institutions

If you’re enrolling in a private institution, it should have a license to operate by the relevant Thailand government agency. A letter of support and confirmation from the private educational institution shall also be the basis for the visa grant as long as it will not exceed one year. Having a non-immigrant visa is a must for the foreigner as well as confirmation by the private institution. If you are enrolled in an international school or in higher education, it is not necessary that you secure a confirmation from the other relevant government agency.


Trainings or Research

For this purpose, it is still necessary to have a non-immigrant visa. The dean, university head or head of the research team should be able to provide a confirmation of your purpose. If the training is in a research or private institute, the confirmation may come from the relevant government agency that can affirm your claim.


Language, Diving, and Muay Thai Studying for these types of course in Thailand is also welcome but the length of stay allowed is just 3 months at a time. If in any case the course takes longer than that, the foreign student can renew the visa for another 3 months at the immigration.