A plush abode is usually a rare find in the city not to mention the cost it may bring you in acquiring the property.  In that case, a condo unit is a practical choice.  Living in a condominium is convenient especially if you are working in the metropolitan area.    


Even if the space is quite limited than normal houses, it can be maximized into becoming a decent and functional living space enough to provide you a place for rest and hangout after a long day’s work. Many condo buildings are also intentionally located in the heart of trade and commerce to accommodate the active entrepreneurs and other people on the go.  Well, if you are one of these men-in-black busy buddies who need a nice place to stay or just want to buy a condominium unit as a second home or maybe thinking of buying for investment, you have to consider three factors before buying.



The first is definitely your budget.  You have to set a ceiling to the amount that you can afford to avoid overspending or getting into bad debts.  Do you have the capacity to buy in cash or are you willing to pay monthly mortgage for a period of time?  If you are going to give a go for mortgage, check how much you can set aside for the installment fee and multiply it back to the condominium price.  Anticipate a down payment of no less than 10% when needed.


Building Location

Identify the location of your preference.  From that data, research on the condominium offers in the area.  With the many information sources nowadays, you’ll definitely get a quick list of the buildings in the vicinity of your choice.  You can either scan the magazines and newspapers or better yet click your way through the internet.  However, if you don’t have ample time to do your own research, you can get a real estate agent to help you out.  By giving the agent your preferences, he/she can look for units that best fits your requirements.  He/she will also be your instant guide in visiting these choices.


Bundled Features

Since buying a condominium unit involves quite a big amount, you might as well check on the perks that go with it.  Some buildings have swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym and other recreational amenities to relieve stress.  More importantly, you should check the basic facilities that go with it.  You can see for yourse


lf the actual unit and inspect for defects.  Parking lot and other common areas are equally important so better take a look at it also.  Never hesitate to check on the cellular phone signal, internet connection stability and cable TV signal.  Details like maintenance fee, taxes, stamp duty and transfer fees must also be clarified to help you estimate the costs involved in purchasing the property.   It is encouraged that you look into at least four choices before signing the contract.  You don’t want to regret realizing that there is a better deal an hour after you bought the unit, right?  The decision to buy a Bangkok Condo unit should not be hurried but rather given much thought.