Most of Thailand’s universities are clustered around Bangkok. Many public universities in the city have educated and molded young minds for almost a century now. To cater to the needs of new generations of Thai looking for higher education, private universities that specialize in modern studies and courses have risen and are ready to compete on a global standard. Because the cost of schooling in Bangkok is much cheaper compared to education in the West, many foreigners have come in looking for quality education.


Chulalongkorn University

The oldest university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn was founded in 1917. To avoid colonization by the Western world, King Chulalongkorn decided to improve Thailand’s educational system so that it could produce capable workers for both the public and private sectors. Adapting the credo, “The Pride of Chula is in Serving the Public,” the university strives to produce nothing but excellence. At the moment, Chulalongkorn University consists of 20 faculties and schools, which function as both researching and teaching units. The university offers a wide range of courses including veterinary science, pharmacy, accountancy, and medicine. In 2011, it ranked 171th among the world’s best universities. Chula U has excellent sports teams and various recreational facilities. Its Center of Academic Resources or Central Library provides resources in all forms: books, periodicals, databases, electronic material, and AV material. The CU Health Unit offers treatment to both staff and students and is run by the Department of Medicine.


Kasetsart University

Referred to as Kaset or Kaset U, Kasetsart U. is considered Thailand’s first agricultural university. Established in 1943 with the primary aim to promote and study subjects related to agriculture, Kaset has since expanded its curricula to cover subjects like the arts, humanities, engineering, and science. Kaset has a student body of 58,000, making it among the largest universities in Thailand. It has seven campuses spread throughout the country but calls Bangkok its home. Kaset’s Bangkok campus houses multiple convenience stores and restaurants. Its food centers and actively run by various departments like the Home Economic Department and the Institute of Food Research and Product Development. The campus also houses numerous banks, post offices, and dormitories.


 Thammasat University

Originally named University of Moral and Political Sciences, Thammasat was founded in 1934. With the philosophy of teaching students to love and cherish democracy, Thammasat University evolved from an open university for law and politics to an institution with over 240 academic programs. Thammasat is home to one of Thailand’s most extensive international programs. Offering all of their standard programs in addition to their advanced liberal arts programs, Thammasat seems to be a favorite of the international community. While the institution recognizes that education is learned within the school, it also sees the value of hands-on learning. Its international population is encouraged to visit temples, spirit houses, and other cultural sites.


If you’re seriously considering furthering your education in Bangkok, these universities should be at the top of your choice list. Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, and Thammasat University are all well-known and established centers for learning, and any of these schools should be able to give you the kind of education and culture that you are searching for.