It has often been said that “home is where your heart is”. Therefore, so long as your heart is in the right place, then moving to a new country should not be such a daunting task. Here are some of the major factors you need to take into account, to make your move a success. The first and most important step is to prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead. If you can empower yourself with the right attitude, then you will be able to surmount any challenges that you meet. Some of the major challenges faced by expat wives, is the change in their social lives and adapting to the local culture. But a bit of research into such matters, should allow you find a suitable way for you to fit in. The main areas of your research should look into the following:


  1. The cost of living, banking facilities available and the local exchange rate.
  2. The weather patterns for the area you will be living in, so that you can pack the right kind of clothes.
  3. The cultural practices allowed and those that are shunned, especially to do with religious differences. You do want to put yourself in a compromising situation.
  4. The local cuisine and what food stuffs that are not available there.
  5. Personal hygiene items available within the area. It may serve you well to carry your own supply, if you can find anything you like. Then you can later experiment with the local ones available.
  6. Find out the best places to live in your destination, in terms of safety, shopping and transport. If you have children, find out where the international schools are located. You can also find out where other expat families are staying, since they can assist in your settling process.
  7. Find out the national or most common language used in the area. If the country is non-English speaking, then it will serve you well to learn a few common phrases before your departure.


Before your departure, also make sure to get a full body MOT with your doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc, and get a prescription and a 3 months’ supply for any medication the family member may be on. Also find out the generic name or active ingredients used in the medication, just in case you may have to use a substitute in your new country.