The Ritz Carlton has a well established history in the production of luxury hotels and resorts that dates as far back as 1912. It has over 75 properties located in major cities and resorts in 24 countries worldwide. Thailand has been able to achieve great financial gains strengthening the middle class economy. Add to this the continuous effort of the government to the city attractive to tourists and foreign investors. This led to the development of luxury condominiums and The Ritz Carlton Residence is set to rise higher than everyone elsse.


Also known as the MahaNakhon, this visionary project will lead to the development of a 77-storey high complex, built on a 3.6 acre site, located in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business district with a direct link to the Chongnonsi BTS sky train station. From an aesthetic point of view, the Ritz Carlton Residence, Bangkok has a very distinctive design. It is going to look like a three dimensional ribbon of architectural “pixels”, which will circle the tower’s full height. There will also be a series of cascading indoor and outdoor terraces at the tower’s base. Adjacent to the MahaNakhon, there is a free standing building known as the cube, which features a series of multi level indoor and outdoor terraces and a mix of social spaces like dining and leisure areas. In front of the square, you will find MahaNakhon square, which is a space demarcated for meetings and hosting cultural evens.


The Ritz Carlton Residence, Bangkok has 194 residences from the 23rd to the 72nd floor of the building, which can either be a two to five bed roomed condominium with expansive views. The typical unit size is around 120-220 square meters and 350-850 square meters. The interior design is under the constructive vision of David Collins studio, while the amenities will be catered for by the Bangkok Edition Hotel. At the very top of the tower, you will find a multi-level three floor terrace bar and restaurant. This bar features expansive double height spaces, private dining facilities, and a rooftop outdoor bar where patrons can enjoy a 360degree view of the city’s skyline. Prices start at THB 250,000 per square meter. The project is being developed as a joint venture between Israeli-based industrial building corporation (PLC) and Thai company Pace developments Co. Both companies have extensive credentials in the production of high-end property, hospitality developments and commercial and retail buildings. The tower was designed by internationally renowned German architect Ole Schreeren.


The project is slated for completion in the year 2014.