The Mall Group, one of Thailand’s largest mall operators, is poised to spend a whopping THB 400 million for the overhaul and redecoration of its shopping malls in Bang Kapi, Ngam Wong Wan and Bang Khae. This is in line of the organization’s mission of upgrading and transforming its shops to high-class entertainment and lifestyle retail venues, similar to its other malls – Siam Paragon and the Emporium.


Bang Khae Renovation

On the top of the Mall Group’s list is the renovation of the Bang Khae mall, which was greatly affected by fire in April of 2012. Apart from this, the pending overhaul is also in response to the numerous competitions around Bang Khae in the forms of new malls, groceries, hypermarkets and convenience stores. The facelift is also in preparation of the influx of new clients, because of the housing developments that are currently underway near the Sky Train extension project. In response to the growing demand of shoppers in the area, the modification of product displays and merchandising mix will be carried out, according to Vanchai Janvuttarunggul, who is currently the Mall Group’s General Manager.


By undertaking this activity, Janvuttarunggul expects to foster loyalty amongst older customers, as well as increase their spending and stay duration in the malls. He also anticipates the adjustment to bring in new clients as well. Apart from shuffling the merchandise, the Mall will also undertake zoning projects to transform the fourth floor area of the Bang Khae mall. The space, which measures 10,000 square meters, is set to be converted to the ‘City Walk,’ which will play host to 6,000 square meters of food and educational establishments, and 3,000 square meters of fashion stores and boutiques.


More Renovation Projects

While the Bang Khae mall is the main focus of the Mall Group, it will also see through the refurbishment of its other malls in the Bangkok district. One of the malls to undergo a facelift is Ngam Wong Wan, a 7-floor mall famous for its indoor waterpark and 1,800-seater multiscreen cinema. The Mall will also renovate the Bang Kapi, which also has a top floor waterpark. With a budget of THB 80 million, the project is slated to expand the event space of the said malls to 1,500 square meters, or 50% bigger than its former land area. Apart from its mall renovation projects, the Mall Group has also set a budget for the improvement of its Fantasia Lagoon indoor water parks.


Other Plans

To promote its newly-refurbished establishments, the Mall Group will launch 300 marketing activities for the year 2013. With a budget of THB 200 million for these activities, some of the promotional projects are expected to advertise the properties at a global platform. According to Natsamon Vongkittipat, The Mall Group’s General Manager for Marketing, the company has also teamed up with Citibank in order to upgrade the Citi M Visa card. The collaboration will transform the Citi M Visa into a lifestyle credit card that provides global shopping opportunities and more perks to Thai and foreign cardholders.