Your own space at Banyan Tree Residences guarantees refined living right at the very heart of the city that never sleeps—Bangkok.  Banyan Tree Residences occupies 4 floors of the 61-storey Banyan Tree Hotel, a statuesque structure situated along Sathorn Road of the busy embassy and business district.


Innovative Investment Option

From the real estate developer known as Laguna Resorts and Hotels Public Company Limited, The Banyan Tree Residences offers a cheaper and more innovative investment for the condominium prospector.  The units are being offered at friendly terms-- the leasehold term of 120 years is broken down into 30 years plus 3 additional extensions.  There is also the relatively recent investment option of buying this condo-hotel-apartment wherein a 6% return in 6 years is said to be guaranteed.


Relaxing Design

Banyan Tree Residences offers 24 units, each unit ranging in size from 119 to 143 square meters and having 2 bedrooms each.  Each unit basks in ample light courtesy of floor-to-ceiling glass windows which can be found in virtually all rooms of each unit—the bathroom included.  Stunning angles of the cityscape can thus be enjoyed from many angles. True to its name, Banyan Tree Residences is designed with a woodsy feel.  The palette of neutrals contrasting with rich browns speaks of warmth and understated elegance.  This is the down-to-earth home for those who are intimidated by cavernous double-height ceilings.  Wood and marble are the dominant materials which add a solid classic look. Nothing is ostentatious here, just the simple joys of tasteful living. You will delight in the tropical theme of the furniture—boxy architectural lines with plush upholstery.  The rugs—in contrast to the overall simplicity-- are elaborate and feature prints of either paisley or florals.   The rooms are given a soft glow by ingenious use of recessed lighting.  Décor is minimal but tasteful and with solid character.  It is a place you can come home to for relaxation and peace.  You surely have a lot of things to fall in love with at Banyan Tree Residences.


Added Amenities

A complete range of state-of-the-art appliances is provided for utter convenience.  The large bathroom features a luxurious bathtub, twin vanity area and a separate shower. To experience the otherworldly comforts of traditional Thai massage, the Banyan Spa awaits.   And for a view of the dizzying glory of Bangkok skyline, owners can dine at the spectacular rooftop dining haven, the Vertigo Restaurant which is located high up on the 61st floor.  Owners also get to enjoy the benefits of The Banyan Tree Club and all common facilities of the hotel.


The Banyan Tree Residences, with its tranquil tropical design, prime location, all the amenities of a high-end condominium and all at a cheaper price, offers the best value for your money.