While tourists come flocking to Thailand for its fascinating culture, pristine-sand beaches and colorful, esoteric history, this country is also known for its exotic culinary delights that will surely tickle your palate. You won’t need any other reason to visit Thailand; the food alone—with its mouthwatering blend of hot, sour, bitter and sweet flavors—lures epicures and street food aficionados alike to keep coming back for more of this beautiful country. Here is a short list of Thai foods that has summed up the most resounding symphonies of flavor and the most scrumptious bites:


Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup) 
The optimal epitome of Thai gourmet, Tom Yam Goong is renowned for its fierce combination of spiciness and sourness alongside the flagrant use of aromatic herbs such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, tamarind and chili pepper. This famous dish tops this list of Thailand’s most delectable foods. Tom Yam Goong is cooked in two different styles: clear spicy or thick spicy.
Moo Sa-Te (Grilled Pork Sticks with Turmeric) 
These scrumptious sweet-flavored grilled pork sticks, locally known as Mao Sa-Te, are accompanied with juicy, flavorful sauce that is made of turmeric and curry powder. A piquant hors d’oeuvre that will satiate your taste buds, Mao Sa-Te is served with two dips: a mildly spiced thick sauce that is made of ground peanuts, coconut milk and curry powder, and a sweet and sour vinegar sauce that is made of chopped shallot, pepper and cucumber, which intend to neutralize the dish’s oiliness. 
Gang Keow Wan  
Another one of Thailand’s most sought-after dishes is Gang Keow Wan. Made of green curry paste, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, chicken, Thai basil, eggplant and the ever-present herbs (lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, et al), it showcases an unforgettable blend of typical Thai cuisine flavors, which comes through the green curry paste. Relish every drop of this tasty, thick curry soup with a plate of rice.
Por Pia Tord (Fried Spring Roll)
Very popular especially among vegetarian foreigners is Thailand’s version of fried spring roll. What sets Por Pia Tord apart from the other types of spring roll served in many other Southeast Asian countries is that it comes with a special sweet and sour dip that is prepared from Japanese apricot.  Por Pia Tord is ideal for someone who is not a fan of spicy foods.       
Phat Kaphrao 
Are you hungry and in a hurry? Indulging in a delicious plate of Phat Kaphrao can be your best bet! This easy-to-cook, spicy dish is sold in stalls in almost every corner in Bangkok. It is either made of pork, chicken or shrimp and stir-fried with holy basil (bai kaphrao), chilies and garlic. Phat Kaphrao is usually seasoned with fish sauce and a pinch of sugar, and served on plain boiled rice.
These dishes highlight an eclectic mix of healthy ingredients and global flavors, which will definitely tingle your taste buds with delight and anticipation. Thailand's cuisine has made the nation an ultimate dreamland for people who are in a constant quest for authentic culinary adventure.