One of the most awaited luxury condominium projects in Bangkok is the Sukhothai Residences, a twin tower complex of condominiums which is situated right at the very heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District. From no less than HKR International Hongkong Limited-- the very same architectural guru which brought us prestigious real estate development projects such as Sentosa Park in Singapore, Discovery Bay in Hongkong and Sukhothai Hotel in Thailand, comes another architectural masterpiece—The Sukhothai Residences.   Located just behind the Sukhothai Hotel along South Sathorn Road, this architectural jewel consists of two 57-storey condominium towers.


Breathtakingly Beautiful Design

Proof to The Sukhothai Residences’ aesthetic value lies in its having garnered two of CNBC’s most sought-after titles-- Best Asia Pacific High Rise Development Award as well as the Best Interior Design Award.  And no marvel, as the project will awe you with its uncanny blend of soulful opulence and classic simplicity. Stainless steel and glass materials juxtapose to create an edgy modern look which is softened by expansive aluminum windows.  Some of the windows are as wide as 1x2 square meters, ably supported by Cotswold’s Heavy Duty Restrictive Stays .  The result: clean, sharp lines and rich yet minimalist ambiance.  It is as yet another testament to the masterful collaboration of two of the world’s architectural icons—Kerry Hill and Ed Tuttle. Luxury at its tasteful finest can be seen everywhere-- in the warm wooden floors, soft lighting, impeccable finish and classic lines.  Both inside and out, this home is beautiful as beautiful can be.


World-class Amenities and Convenient Accessibility

Unit types available range from single-bedroom to 4-bedroom units as well as the almost boundless penthouse unit.  Floor areas range from 122 to 128 square meters, each unit displaying space-saving savvy. The Sukhothai Residences offer proximity to several shopping destinations, international embassy offices, hospitals and educational institutions.  Notable landmarks include the famous Jim Thompson House cum museum, the Central  World Plaza and the Central Chidlom.  Parents are sure to appreciate the condominium’s proximity to international schools such as the Chulalongkorn University and the New Sathorn International School. It is said that as much as half of the site’s area is used for recreational purposes.  There is a manicured landscape which is perfect for picnics and strolls.  There is also a swimming pool complex consisting of a pair of 100-meter pools.   The parking space is of adequate size, affording as many as 350 parking spaces. Professional and polite services come in the form of a 5-star round-the-clock concierge service.  Premium facilities include the rooftop Nim Marn Lounge which could be the venue of just about any special event—be it a romantic dinner, a business meeting or a wistful reverie by your lonesome.


Foreigners will find security of ownership in the freehold arrangement being offered by The Sukhothai Residences.  And as for the concern of flooding, the project has been declared unaffected by recent floods and equipped with flood-control measures. Sukhothai Residences is the ultimate luxury home you’ve always dreamed about and doggedly worked for.  Locals and foreigners alike are already scurrying to have a place in this majestic project.  So should you.