Almost everyone would jump at the chance to travel and traipse around the corners of the globe. It would even be safe to bet your life that a lot of people would love to spend their days exploring the earth if they could somehow get paid to do it. Bottom line is that thousands, if not millions, have spent at least some time on the road.


So how do they do it without sacrificing their fitness goals? After all, they cannot just pack their pricey gymnasiums and heavy weights into a piece of luggage, and go on their trips. Believe it or not, you won’t have to do these drastic measures when you travel to the vibrant capital of Thailand. Here are some tips on how you can stay true to your health objectives while enjoying all that Bangkok has to offer:


 1. Take full advantage of Bangkok’s finest parks. Run!

Being away from home does not excuse you from clocking in those miles. Bangkok has superb parks where you can fully enjoy the city’s lush scenery while you run towards a healthier body and a freer mind. Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment after being able to stick to your health commitment even as you indulge your love for wandering and travel. One of the best places to run in the capital’s huge selection of parks is Lumpini Park. After taking advantage of its 2.5 kilometer loop of paved road, marked every 100 meters for easy tracking of distance, you can sit back, relax, and luxuriate in your surroundings.


2. Socialize! Organize a Frisbee game.

If you are the type of person who exercises better when there are people around to make it fun for you, then a social (and physically engaging) game of Frisbee (or some other type of sport) could be just what you need. Round up a group of travel buddies or new acquaintances, secure a Frisbee, head over to the nearest Bangkok park, and get the game going. A relaxed and enjoyable afternoon of friendly competition should have you covered in the fitness department.


 3. Hit the shopping centers and walk off the pounds.

Another surefire way of getting your body to move is to get to any one of Bangkok’s numerous shopping centers for a day of browsing and power-walking. If you are not a fan of hard-core exercise and would like a less-taxing and pleasurable way of staying fit, walking around multitudes of stalls in a flea market can be your thing. Before you realize it, you might have already taken thousands and thousands of steps – practically a workout! For this purpose, and for some serious shopping, give Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market on Phahonyothin Road a shot.


4. Dance the night away!

Here is another way to stay fit while making the most out of your trip. Bangkok has a plethora of lively dance clubs where you can revel in the city’s night scene and dance off the unwanted fat in your body. It is fun, healthy, and you get to sample Bangkok’s very own take on what a proper night out should be. Dress in your ultra-hot outfit, slip on your dancing shoes, and go over to 808, between Rama 9 and Petchaburi roads near Thonglor. Visit other RCA clubs as well.


5. If all else fails, try Bangkok’s fitness centers.

If everything else does not suit you, you can always enroll in any of the city’s fitness centers. However, the practicality of this measure would really depend on the length of your stay. If you are planning on staying for more than just a few days, then go ahead and hunt for the best gym where you can devote some hours of your vacation to lifting weights and toning your physique. Looking for a household name?

Fitness First

True Fitness

WE Fitness Society

Vital life Wellness Center


Quenching your thirst for travel does not have to be a hindrance to reaching your fitness goals. By being resourceful and by thinking outside the box, you will find that you can stay fit anywhere you choose to go; Bangkok is no exception. The vivacious Thailand capital awaits you!