SCG Home Solution responds to the increasing need of the consumers to have a “one-stop solution” to their housing requirements by aiming to open more branches of their “Home Solution Centers.” The company plans to spread its wings in Bangkok and other provinces by opening 20 more branches within next year, 14 of which are set to be launched by the end of this year.


The “Home Solution Center” is a refreshing business model that encompasses not only the latest in construction materials, but also a complete line of services that includes a service spot for expert advice, great design, reasonable price estimations, installation, and warranty, hence the term “one-stop solution.” According to SCG, satisfaction with the company’s credibility and product and service system is incredibly high, with 97% of its customers reporting their satisfaction. 


The Rising Need for One-Stop Solutions

In the past, consumers relied on the services of hired professionals to do everything for them – from the early stages of designing to the final phases of construction. For example, only 2 to 3% of home owners would select their own roof tiles before, according to SCG’s Home Solution Business Manager, Mr. Manit Boonprasert. This trend, it appears, has been replaced by an increasing tendency of modern consumers to be more “hands-on.” More and more consumers planning to construct their residences are now doing their own research, seeking advice and suggestions from experts while scouting for the right construction materials. Today, approximately 20% of home owners choose their own tiles, and as much as 30 to 40% now choose their bathroom accessories. As such, they appreciate the convenience of finding all these solutions under one roof, where they can get professional advice, look at products, and discuss installations and warranties.


The Solution

The behaviors of modern consumers, who have moved from a backstage involvement to a hands-on approach in the construction of their residences, have given rise to a business opportunity and market growth, which SCG has recognized. In response to this trend, the company has come up with “Home Solution Center,” which Mr. Manit says, “is the business model that offers innovations in construction materials and decorations as well as service that caters to the customers’ needs, which include a complete home building system.” He also adds that they “focus on being an expert in giving advices that answer to the customers’ needs and preventing problems. Product showrooms are set in a modern style and easy to browse and choose. Innovative products are designed for effective usage. Different types of services, such as advice, design, price estimation, and installation, are given by experts in their fields to cater to all types of homes.” Mr. Manit further elaborates that the Home Solution Center “offers all of the elements they needed from roofing, ceiling & wall, landscape, bathroom, surface covering, and kitchen solutions. All of these come with up to 10 years of installation warranty. Customers receive high standard products and services.”


The Company’s Unique Selling Point

Although the competition in the construction material market has been unrelentingly fierce, SCG stands out among its rivals. While the competition used common strategies such as adding variety to their products (like tiles and ceramics) and driving down the prices by having large outlets distribute goods, SCG has adopted a different strategy. “Instead of selling just roof tiles, we offer roofing system, home cooling system, or bathroom solution, by experts who are more knowledgeable than salespeople. Not only customers get a house, they get high quality house,” says the Business Manager.


The Consumers’ Response

The company’s intuitive business model has brought satisfaction to its consumers. SCG’s Home Solution Business Manager reports that they have received good responses from the customers, with a remarkable 97% of the total saying that they are satisfied with the company’s credibility, expertise, and product and service systems.


Future Plans

The first Home Solution Center at Home Mart Bangna started operations in 2009. At present, there are already 12 Home Solution Centers in existence. The company aims to open 20 more branches by 2013 and targets to make 14 branches available within this year, to cover Bangkok and other provinces. Depending entirely on other people to make crucial home construction decisions and picking out the appropriate construction materials has become a thing of the past. The modern consumer now prefers the driver’s seat, instead of the backseat, when it comes to such matters. Thankfully, companies like SCG, with their one-stop solution centers, have made the transition easier. The building of high-quality homes has never been this easy. Hats off to you SCG!