Professional Photos: Do They Sell Homes?

Selling your home, whether it be a house or a condo, is a challenging task and may not be as easy as buying one.  The moment you decide to sell your home, you are compelled to put emphasis on its visual, aesthetic features to make it more appealing to potential buyers. While it is true that every buyer has his own list of considerations in purchasing anything (be it a gadget, clothing or property), most of the successful deals in history always begin with a catchy and desirable advertisement to spark the interest of prospects.


Photographs play a crucial role in marketing.  Photo sharing networks, like Instagram, have recently gained popularity in Thailand. With this, plus the availability of a wide variety of sophisticated cameras throughout the country, the need for professional photos has become a costly and less preferred option. Are professional photos really worth it? Here are a few tips that can help you decide:


Image Quality

One cannot deny the fact that photos taken by professionals are notably of better quality. After all, it is in their job description. Raising the bar for image quality can speak a lot in your behalf. It does not only entice potential buyers, but it may also create a good perception of the quality of your home. Naturally, a buyer will always prefer a home that has been well-maintained and cared for by its previous owners.


Inspired Viewings

An interested buyer who is pleased with your home photos will contact you for viewings. The desirability of your home photos will be directly proportional to the number of booked viewings you will gain eventually. The more viewings you get, the higher your chances of meeting the next owner of your home.


Getting the Most out of Your Photos

A professional photographer can work his or her way through the various elements of photography, such as lighting, composition and angles, to enhance the look of different areas of your home. The lighting in a bedroom, for example, can exhibit warmth and coziness – one of the many factors that a potential buyer would want to consider. You also do not have to worry about getting dim photos to see what your home looks like during nighttime. With professional photography, you are able to create a variety of images presented in an artistic way. A flattering shot of your least favorite nook in your home just might be what a buyer is looking for.


Photos, whether professional or amateur, are only part of the initial preparations in selling your home. A buyer does not decide and purchase a home from the photos alone. If you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, what would you want to see? What are your expectations? Once you have answered these questions, try to ask your significant other, family, and friends as well. Better yet, do not lose sight of your goal to sell. Give yourself an achievable time frame to make the most of the momentum. Besides, your last photos of the home you are about to sell will serve as your keepsakes long after you've finalized a deal.


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