Convenience is really something that makes condo living in Bangkok really an irresistible proposal due to the proximity of everything you need in living the high life. Having residence in the city center lets you enjoy the best things Bangkok has to offer in terms of culture and business opportunities coupled with entertainment and leisure facilities at your disposal. Most of the units that are available are pretty much furnished and the aesthetics are also predetermined by the developer itself. Yet we always want to give our own personal touch and mark it with our own signature style. But this does not always work to our advantage as you see. The space could be a bit small and bringing additional things can be quite complicated. As much as we want to stay neat and tidy, having a small space is a real challenge.


You might end up being a clutterbug due to the many things you own and having no enough space to organize it. You may end up stacking your things. The worst case is having a spillover of stuff and using other spaces as storage of things not intended to be there. A good example would be having a box of pots and pans inside your own bedroom or the dining table ends up as an office table complete with documents and books all piled up. One of the most common things is our love of collecting stuff. Maybe it is innate in every human to have some connection to a material thing we like or value from expensive stuff like paintings and art pieces to regular stuff like clothing or even to the more uncommon figurines or other collectibles. But the question would be how this would affect our living in general.


A big house would not have any problem accommodating this stuff, but a condo unit might not be too forgiving. Surely there would be some stuff which you may not easily part with like furniture you have had since time immemorial or some big pieces that are significant, may it be framed art, a coffee table, book collection, or even your favorite bed. After all who really would want to part with something you are already familiar with and of which brings you comfort and a feeling of home even in city living conditions. This is the similar case as with living in a condo. We want it to be our home and make it the ideal refuge and enclave we want to be. But here are some tricks to prevent you from having a messy place.


Get some Storage Pieces

Living in a condo is totally different than having a house. You simply have enough space to store the things you have. Beginning from childhood your mom might still be keeping the baby crib or has a collection of linens and curtains that could rival a hotel or other similar institution. You may also still have the toys you grew up with at home or other heirloom pieces like furniture or art pieces handed down from your grandparents and ancestors. But condo living will totally change your way of living as well. It will require you to have the essentials only and make you more critical in the choices you have when it comes to other furnishings that are needed. A good investment would be to get dual purpose furniture that also doubles as a storage piece. If you are looking for a bed to buy you may want to get one which has underneath storage to store some of your valuables or items which you may not frequently use but still value or use only rarely like pieces of winter clothes for going abroad or sporting gear perhaps. Having a coffee table that stores book or magazines is also a smart investment so that despite having many things to read you can still have a clutter free space because there is a designated area for it. Getting an armoire for your TV will also help you in your goals to living a more organized life. Now you can have a space to keep not only your TV but your player, speakers, DVD and Blu-Ray disc, and gaming device i.e. Nintendo wii, gaming consoles, and cable.


Edit the Pieces you Own

There will always be a hoarder within us no matter how small that thing we collect may be. There will never be enough shoes or clothes that we could own in a lifetime. The books which you have already finished reading and have not opened for a decade is still kept safely in a box somewhere. If you are not really using it you may want to share it with others. Give some clothes to charity especially those you keep but have not used for six month or even up to a year. Others in need will really be grateful to get the clothes you keep or a friend might appreciate the books you stored if they too can read them. Sometimes we find security in keeping things we may not necessarily be using but if you live in a condo in which space is an issue then giving away some stuff does wonders to you. It frees your place the necessary space it needs so that you can love the things you currently have because you live in an uncluttered environment.


Think Before you Buy

Everyone will always have an impulse to buy the things we find beautiful which we may not necessarily need but something we really want. If it is only a few pieces of clothes that would still fit your closet, then that would not be a problem but if you want to buy a whole new set of wardrobe then you might need to think twice. The obvious consideration would be about buying pieces of furniture or artwork that could consume space. Every time you buy something you need to consider where you would be putting it and at the same time if your place is already full you need to have a plan on what things need to go to give space for the new purchase you have. Shopping sometimes is not at all about being able to afford something but about how the acquisition could add value to your life and especially what would be its place in your home and in this case your condo unit.


Collect Thoughtfully

If you are an avid traveler then you cannot just help but bring back nice pieces from your travels abroad or if you receive too many home décor gifts then choose the ones which would complement the interiors of your place. You want your home to highlight whatever that is to collect. You need to avoid having a condo which looks like a museum due to the variety of things you own. You need to have a theme or a certain look that you need to subscribe to. Your collection needs to have a cohesive look so that even if you own a significant number of them, each piece will be appreciated and blend with its surrounding decors and space.


Have enough Lighting

Having a small space may make you feel claustrophobic and worse gloomy if it’s dark and not well ventilated. A creative way to fix this issue is to have enough lighting in your place that defines each space well. Have good lighting in your living room which is bright and at the same time not harsh. Your dining area would look best to have a soft and warm lighting to give you a sense of comfort and hospitality. Adding mirrors will also give an effect of having a larger area as it reflects light and makes your vision not to have a fixed or limited perspective like the case of having a wall only to face. These may very well be only a few suggestions but definitely it is worth to start from something. Condo living may require you to have new perspectives and priorities about the way you live but it will not take the need from a person to have a place that can be called home. Each one of us have different personality hence the unique style we want to project. Living in a condo needs to be about enjoying your lifestyle and not about complications. Clutter does not simplify living but makes it complex. It is a responsibility to live a life free from clutter. We need to control our innate nature to be a clutterbug but instead let us be neat and tidy to reap the benefits of living in a condo. [googleplusauthor]