Does art inspire passion or does passion inspire art? Like the age-old question of the chicken and the egg, this one will probably never be answered. But one thing is clear: the best art is made passionately and the fieriest passions inspire the best art. Just like the arts of sculpture, architecture, and watercolors, interior design can be bold or subdued, sleek or complicated, traditional or modern. And also like these other kinds of arts, interior design varies from city to city, country to country and region to region.


What is popular in one part of the world may be in poor taste in other parts. In addition to art capitals like Madrid, Spain or Rome, Italy, interior design is thriving in Bangkok, Thailand as well. There are a number of prime examples of modern interior design in Bangkok. Modern interior design motifs include minimalist decor, tropical accents, clean lines and sparsely furnished rooms. Bright colors mix well with modern amenities, with homes and five star hotels alike playing with and reinventing these old and new themes alike.


The Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok provides an oasis of solace in the midst of the busy city of Bangkok. It blends the styles of East and West, combining them with high class sophistication. The word most frequently used to describe the interior is "zen" and it makes use of hard, geometric lines and softer images and shapes like flowers and petals. The colors are largely subdued and the effect is one of understated elegance. The hotel offers modern comforts like wireless internet and well-sourced ingredients as well as more traditionally Eastern offerings like Yoga.


Another top hotel in Bangkok making exquisite use of modern interior design sensibilities is the Ritz-Carlton Residences. Evoking the architecture of MahaNakhon, its Contemporary Modern Duplex Show Residences contrast bare white walls with brick ones lined with bookshelves. The bleached teak angled floor boards are stark and clean. The apartments are well lit and make use of natural light. And of course, all of the appliances are modern and technologically advanced.


It's not just hotels and condo buildings in Bangkok making the most out of modern interior designers. Restaurants are getting in on the action as well. The restaurant at the Okura Prestige Bangkok is a "well executed modern gourmet cuisine in a beautifully crafted setting." Inspired by the earth's natural elements: fire, water, earth and air, Elements is an exquisitely designed restaurant. The decor, like the dishes, uses vibrant flavors and interesting textures to excite the senses. Those dining at Elements will also enjoy the view from the 25th floor - the main dining room opens onto a breathtaking open air deck, offering restaurant goers a panoramic view of the city of Bangkok's skyline. Local Thai design house gets the credit for the amazing achievement in interior design.


If you are purchasing property in Bangkok, Thailand, and you have an eye for modern interior design, you are in luck. You are in one of the best cities in the world for this kind of inspiration. Whether the property you are considering is already outfitted to meet your needs or you are purchasing a property that will need a big makeover, you are in a great place. Look for an interior designer with an impressive portfolio and strong industry connections. About the Author: Elena Morgan has been writing about interior design for nearly a decade. When she’s not writing, you can find Elena reviewing blankets, duvets and throw pillows for companies like Unison.