Thailand is well known around the world for its breathtaking landscapes, unique cultural base, friendly people and plenty of investment opportunities. Therefore, it is not a surprise that some Americans would like to convert their temporary stay into a permanent situation by becoming a permanent resident. This permit allows foreigners to stay in Thailand without a visa and is a good step towards gaining citizenship and ultimately a Thai passport.


The opportunity to get a Permanent Resident Permit (PRP) is accorded by the Thai government, every year to 100 people of any nationality. The application window is usually open around December and once submitted, can take up to 5 months to be approved by an evaluation committee. Approved applicants will be requested to attend an interview. If they pass the interview, the committee should be able to award the applicant with a PRP soon after. Overall, the whole process can take around one whole year. Here are some of the qualifications, requirements and procedures for applying for a Thai Permanent Resident Permit:


Qualifications and Requirements

In order to qualify, applicants should be in a position to have:

  1. held three consecutive 1 year visa extension.
  2. earnings of THB30,000 in monthly income, if you are married.
  3. a valid work permit at the date of application.
  4. an earning capacity of 80,000 Baht in monthly income, if you are single.


As a requirement, you should be able to present your tax statements for the past 3 years to support your income claims. You may also apply under any of these conditions:

  1. Has an investment of at least THB3 million
  2. Has family ties with a Thai citizen or a Thai Permanent Resident. This includes legal husband or wife, legal parent(s) or legal child that is still a minor
  3. An Expert in a specific field or Academician


Application Procedure  

  1. Once the opening date has been declared, applications may be submitted up to the last working day of the year.
  2. The application must include a detailed explanation of the applicants’ reasons for applying for a Permanent Resident Permit. This declaration is for the applicants own good, since it will assist the evaluation committee to make quick decision about the application. The application should be attached with other supporting documents, depending on the category under which the application is submitted, such as investment, academics, employment, retirement, as a dependent or accompanying a spouse who has been granted a Permanent Residency Permit.
  3. Payment of all required fees. See below.
  4. The application should be done in person, since the Immigration Bureau will require a set of finger prints to check for any criminal records.



  1. THB 7,600 for the application
  2. THB 191,400 for the approval of permit which must be paid once residence book is received
  3. THB 95,700 for each of your children that is unmarried and below 20 years old