The Home Builder Association (HBA) will stage the 9th Home Builder 2012, an event that aims to showcase the latest in home construction and design innovations. HBA will hold this event from August 23-26, 2012 at the Planary Hall of the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). The Home Builder 2012 is being co-organized with the Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand and the Thammasat University through the Department of Innovation in Real Estate Development, Faculty of Architecture and Planning. In this event the concept of “Across the Line” will be highlighted. The Home Builder 2012 will be hosting over 40 leading home builders and building material suppliers. Dr. Patchara Tantayanyong, President of Home Builder Association, relates that the event will showcase new modern home designs. Aside from home builders, there will also be prestigious exhibitors, including manufacturers and distributors of decorative accessories, financial institutions, and the real estate media.


Great Prizes Await Those Who Will Buy On-Site

To make this event more exciting, the HBA also prepared promotional prizes that include three units of Yamaha Fino, two units of Suzuki Swift, and 10 units of iPad 2. Those who will be placing orders on-site will get a chance to win these prizes. Additional huge discounts of 10,000 Baht also await the winner among those who will pre-register through HBA’s website  and place an order on-site with any of the exhibitors. These prizes are a great addition to the usual attractions that will be presented at the event.


This Year’s Exhibit’s Approach: Academic

The 2012 event will be a bit different from the previous ones that were conducted because it will focus on academic and engineering excellence. Thammasat University’s Department of Innovation in Real Estate Development will be presenting the construction trend as well as home designs that have fresh viewpoint that encourages the visitors to think out of the box. HBA also partnered with the Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand to attract and inform people by explaining iron and steel construction innovations, pioneering home designs, and construction for the future, among others. There will also be other interesting on-site activities in the event besides the main exhibits. A consumer research conducted by the Association’s Academic Affair Department will be shown. In addition, the Architect & Engineer Consulting Counter will be there as well as the New Home Design Book Corner. The New Home Design Book is the most recent and comprehensive housing catalogue to be sold at a special price.


Event Held Simultaneously with Others

The event will also highlight the Thailand Steel House Contest 2012, an exposition on the most recent steel-structured home designs. This is to be arranged by the Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand. Moreover, an exclusive seminar on “Across the Line” concept will be presented by the Department of Innovation in Real Estate Development, under the Faculty of Architecture & Planning of the Thammasat University. The Home Builder will again be held concurrently with the Home Buyer Expo 2012, which is a leading consumer show that caters to detached houses, townhouses, and condo units. Other events to be held simultaneously with the Home Builder 2012 are the NPA Grand Sale 2012 being organized by the Housing Finance Association; and Home Loan 2012 which is a consumer finance exhibit. Together, these events act like a one-stop shop, aiming to draw many visitors.


The Expected Presales Amount to Reach 3.3B Baht

Before the Home Builder 2012 ends, Dr. Patchara mentioned that it would have generated 3.3 billion Baht on on-site presales, propelling the market in the second half of the year.  This amounts to a 15 percent increase from the 2011 presales of 2.9 billion Baht.  The HBA official is confident that they will achieve the 3.3 billion-target, as consumers have become aware of the expected rise in residential prices in the future. This expectation comes with the fact that minimum wage and prices of building materials are poised to rise. The purchasing power that was lost during the floods in Bangkok was said to have already been revived. The price list of home builders will most likely be revised upward by 5 to 10 percent after the exhibit. Because of this, the event will be a golden opportunity for consumers who wish to secure their homes at more affordable prices while also enjoying the special promotions of exhibitors. The event organizers then expect to see a higher number of visitors this year. It is, in fact, expected that visitors will rise by 15 to 20 percent compared to those of last year. About 50,000 to 70,000 are anticipated to attend. Consumers may rush to make decisions ahead of time given that there will be future price hikes.


The Association’s goal of hosting the Home Builder 2012 event is to put on a different level the way average consumers perceive home building. It aims to influence them to go across the line and out of the box, sharing the academic and practical insights on various methodologies in construction and architecture. These have come a long way compared to the conventional knowledge and practices that consumers are accustomed to. In the past, consumers were confined to the notion that an ideal house must be made from reinforced concrete only. Today, people should know that they can also use steel structure. The events will be a great source of not only the typical but also alternative ideas about building materials, concludes Dr. Patchara.