Even expats can get a local credit card in Thailand. The rules for expats are slightly different but it is still possible if you meet all the requirements.


What You are Going to Need

Just about every bank will allow expats to apply for credit cards. You will have to produce a valid passport and work permit. If you are retired, you may still get a card if you can provide proof of income. It is best to apply at the bank where your transactional account is held – some banks will insist on a credit history with themselves.


Banks and Requirements

Bangkok Bank

Compared to other banks, Bangkok Bank seems to be more lenient in their requirements:


  • a salary of 25000 baht per month
  • documentations to prove your salary
  • a work permit or be a resident
  • a savings account with the bank that has been maintained for at least six months


Siam Commercial Bank

They are much more stringent when it comes to a credit card application.

  • a valid passport
  • a work permit
  • a three month bank statement
  • a monthly salary of at least 100 000 baht – not an easy sum to make


Krung Thai Bank

This is the easiest place to get cards.

  • a passport
  • six months bank statements
  • a work permit that is valid for at least two years
  • a minimum salary is only 15 000 baht


Bank of Ayudhya

This is the option if you are earning an above average salary.

  • a salary between 50 000 baht and 120 000 baht per month
  • have worked in Thailand for at least a year
  • a work permit
  • passport
  • bank statements


All these banks have a wealth of information on their websites and most of it is available in English. In the major centres, they will have staff at the branches that speak English so you will be able to make yourself understood.