When it comes to considering places to travel or reside, one of the top considerations parents often take into account is the child-friendliness level of the place.  Things like schools, hospitals, recreational and leisure centers matter most to parents.  If so, parents would be delighted to know that Bangkok has a lot in store for kids of all ages and personalities.  As the following list will show, the array of fun, frolic and learning activities in Bangkok seems to just go on and on.


Siam Ocean World Bangkok

Imagine an oceanic display of almost 30,000 water creatures in an aquarium the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools, yet made totally accessible even as it is set just underneath a shopping mall.  That is exactly what Siam Ocean World is, an awe-inspiring water world for kids and adults alike.    Watch your kids have fun walking through underwater tunnels and taking rides in transparent-bottomed boats.  Fun and learning merge as kids explore marine animal species dating from the Jurassic period and coming from as far as the Amazon River.


Wax Museum

History comes alive in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  Here, each of the 70 wax figures is painstakingly created for no less than 6 months by meticulous British craftsmen.  Athletic boys will sure to be wide-eyed as they gaze at realistic wax versions of Yao Ming or Michael Jordan.  Girls get to see Angelina Jolie and Lady Di.  Famous faces in science, politics, sports and showbiz get to be fun backdrops for picture-taking.


Ice Skating

Bangkok offers at least 5 ice skating rinks for ice skating enthusiasts.  You can bring your kids to the 1,900-square meter Ice Planet at the Siam Discovery Centre or you can opt to go to the Olympic-sized rink called the Imperial World Ice Skating at the top floor of the Imperial World Samrong.  A smaller yet more open rink is the Open Ice Skate of Imperial Lad Prao while a bigger one, simply called The Rink, sits right smack in the atrium of the Central World Shopping Complex.  A most curious ice skating rink which doubles up as a karaoke-bar of sorts is the Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club at The Big Mango.


Zoo and Animal Parks

Bangkok never runs out of zoos and animal parks to satisfy your kids’ curiosity for all things feathery and furry.  The Chokchai Farm Bangkok, for instance, will enrapt your kids with its real farm-style ice cream-making, horseback riding and camping activities.  For thrill-seekers, don’t fail to take your child to the world’s largest crocodile farm and zoo where kids scream at “Crocodile Wrestling” and at the sight of crocodile keepers putting their heads right into the crocodiles’ mouths.  The Snake Farm is also one of the places to go to for the not-so-faint-of hearts.  Here, milked snakes (or those whose venom has been extracted) are kept as sources of anti-venom serums for snake bite victims.  Of course, they do double duty as curious spectacles.  Other zoos in Bangkok include the Dusit Zoo and the Safari World.


Butterfly Garden

You’ll be relieved to hear that the Buttefly Garden and Insectarium in Bangkok does not have lifeless butterflies housed in frames.  Rather, butterflies fly around in a natural habitat of beautiful gardens, rockeries, ferns and flowers and—surprise—a waterfall!  Your child and you will get to see 500 species of gossamer-winged creatures in this huge butterfly dome while taking the time to picnic and even bike around the landscaped garden.


Boat Rides

A total hit with both kids and adults alike is taking a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River.  The leisurely trip offers a sweeping view of Bangkok’s picturesque sights—lovely temples, flower and floating markets, Thai architecture and Thai life.  It helps, too, that the ride often comes with refreshments.


IMAX Theaters

State-of-the-art movie experience awaits children in Bangkok.  Plush seating, superior image technology, digital surround, value-added amenities (like free popcorn and seats which recline into a bed), make movie-watching even more kid-friendly.


Bangkok Soccer

For soccer-lovers, Bangkok offers soccer training camps for a fee.  The lessons are age-appropriate and customized to the child’s skill level.  Parents also get to lend a hand in coaching their kids.


Indoor Playground

Because shopping becomes less enjoyable with kids in tow, there are indoor playgrounds built right within shopping malls in Bangkok to accommodate, educate and entertain kids while mom and dad go shopping.  Kid-proof safe, fun and educational, parent would feel safe to entrust their kids to these play-cum-learning centers.