We’ve heard all the stories about Bangkok’s crazy traffic jams, wild parties, and insane heat. These things may not necessarily sound like a good selling point, but Bangkok is well worth it. Never boring and always exciting, the Thai capital offers thousands of activities for everyone especially the retirees. If an elephant ride or elbowing through the crowded Chatuchak Market doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, there are plenty of other things to do that are hassle-free and will keep you cool and clear-headed.


Immerse Yourself in Thai Dance and Drama

Thai dance is characterized by vibrant costumes and elegant movements. Initially practiced only during court events, these dances were seen as the link between the realm of the spirits, nature, and man. Most Thai dances are meant to tell a story. From folk tales to everyday traditional activities like farming and fishing, watching a Thai dance performance is a wonderful way to get a feel of Thailand’s beautiful culture. Nopparat Restaurant is one of the many enterprising Thai restaurants that showcases an authentic cultural dance show along with their wonderful food and drinks. Located at 59/28 Rama 3 Khwang Bang Phongphang Khet Yan Nawa Bangkok, Nopparat is a well-loved tourist destination.


Have a Riverside Tea Party

Thai cuisine is known for its spicy taste. If you feel your stomach is needing some change, or you’re just getting sick of rice, there are many posh hotels that offer traditional English afternoon tea with all the bells and whistles. Clotted cream, jams and jellies, scones, sandwiches, finger food... you name it. The Author’s Lounge at the Oriental Hotel at Oriental Avenue has a beautiful veranda that overlooks the Chao Praya River. Take in the cool breeze as you watch the boats sail idly by.


Revitalize Your Soul and Senses 

After all the seemingly endless walking, perhaps you’re feeling the need to just kick off your shoes and relax. Thailand is gaining a reputation for being one of the world’s best holistic centers. Bangkok spas fuse ancient healing rituals and treatments with ultra-modern facilities and specially trained masseurs. Partake of the legendary Thai hospitality in a sunshine-drenched private room. Thai massage focuses on circulation and pressure points. Using gentle rocking, rolling of the limbs, and compression, Thai massages offer the ultimate level of relaxation. Most major hotels offer luxury spa treatments but few offer that traditional Thai vibe. It might be a good idea to bypass the tourists and look for a quieter sanctuary, like the Como Shambhala Spa in downtown Bangkok. The Como Shambhala offers all of the luxury in an authentic Thai environment.


Enjoy A Spectacular Sunset Scenery

Everything is said to have a silver lining. The same goes for Bangkok’s enormous amount of air pollution. This pollution is said to cause some of the most spectacular sunset sceneries in the world. If you’re looking for a way to end a particularly tiring day, a nice, cold drink at one of Bangkok’s many rooftop bars may be just the thing for you. Situated high above Bangkok’s bustling streets, these roof deck bars boast a wide selection of food, drinks, and live music. Choose a comfy couch in the corner or have a chat with the bartender. Just make sure you come in time to say goodnight to the sun.  

Bangkok is one of those rare cities that is equipped to provide both modern amenities and ancient traditions to visitors of all ages. Because Thais are extremely used to visitors and tourists, they know exactly how to treat people—with a smile. Every retiree's visit to Bangkok is different, each one just as memorable.