Only millionaires can afford maids in the West and that’s one of the things Americans and Europeans love about Asia especially Thailand. Getting a maid in Thailand is more affordable. You don’t need to be a millionaire. Here are the categories and level of services offered by maids in Thailand.


1. Professional maids

This category of Thai maids are considered to be the best because of they are well versed in English, they have the ability to prepare good western and Thai dishes, take care of household chores without any supervision, look after the kids and pets and do the shopping for you. But you know what they say, you get what you pay for. They will set you back between THB 6,000 to THB 9,000 (US$194.67 to 292.01) per month.


2. Low tier maids

This type of Thai maids will often speak very basic English and will need a few weeks of training and supervision in the performance of their duties. On a good note, they are usually quite proficient at preparing Thai dishes and their charges are normally cheap, around THB 5,000 to 6,000 (US$162.23 to 194.67) per month.


3. Part time maids

They are "live out" maids. They go to your house several days per week. The rates they charge for their services are often between THB 200 to 400 (US$6.49 to 12.98 )per day. Full time maids are normally entitled to certain benefits such as food to cook for themselves and a one day off per week, as well as most public holidays. Other benefits include an end year bonus of one month’s pay. However, these benefits are not mandatory. Since finding a reliable maid can be an arduous task, most real estate or condo management firms will provide a maid when you move into your new apartment, condo or house. There are cases when the former occupants of the place you will be living in has an existing maid.


If you plan on taking over her contract, make sure you sign a new contract. You may opt for a maid agency, they tend to be costly but they insure their maids and you can be sure you'll get someone efficient.