Thailand can be dog-friendly. Why not? Bangkok puts forward the sidewalks and huge parks for dogs and their owners to cuddle and spend some quality bonding time. Although there were reports back in 2007, it was estimated that there have been around 120,000 stray dogs found in the capital city. But that does not keep pet owners from domesticating and pampering their best friends. That apart from the public spaces the city also provides pet friendly hot spots that would make you and your dog smile.



Situated near the end of Sukhumvit Soi 39 is an absolutely upper class pet paradise. Ozono is a hybrid of a shopping mall that has a pet playground and meeting place for Bangkok residences and their animal best friends. It opened back in 2005 and is strongly gaining popularity among dog and animal lovers. Ozono has an exclusive membership fee. If you want to experience this type of luxury, you would have to pay at least 20,000 baht a year for you and your pet to enter on any given day of the year between Tuesday and Friday. Apart from that, Ozono also offers pampering services. It does not only offer to groom your pet, as owners can also receive manicure and pedicure treatment as they wait for their pets to be groomed. Among the shops which can be found are unique shops, cafes, and a playful dog-friendly atmosphere. All of the shops and restaurants agree to letting in your pets inside. Ozono also has park being called the Petropolis Park. It has tall trees, abundant plants, and thick shrubbery.


Among those who visit Ozono are a mixture of the expatriate community --- European, American and Japanese. Thai dog owners are slowly picking up on the Ozono trend.


Doggie Do

Another famous animal hot spot that could be found in Bangkok is rightly named the Doggie Do swimming pool. The famous pet swimming pool is located at 71 Soi Yenakart, right at the heart of Bangkok’ Sathorh district. The Doggie Do boasts of its large swimming pool. It houses play toys for the animals. There is a team of several hard working staff members plunged in to the pool in their wet suits who swims with your pets, and plays with them as well, throwing them balls and toys. If this is your canine pets’ first time out in the water, and you fear that he would be afraid of the water, the Doggie do provides a special dog tailored life Jacket. While your pet has fun, you too can relax and enjoy your time off. Most owners sit at tables and sip drinks. Others prefer to snap photos of their beloved pets. After an hour of swimming most dogs feels happy, relaxed and are more obedient to their masters. On weekends the Doggie do can get jam packed, although no reservations are necessary. Admission price are from 250 to 850 baht per hour. Staff members will shampoo and groom your lovable pet for double the price.


Skulthai Pet

One of the best grooming salons in Bangkok, the Skulthai Pet offers complimentary basic dog grooming courses to its customers. This salon has been renowned in the dog grooming industry; it makes use only of the best brands available in the market. Thailand may not be as dog-friendly as U.S. cities but it is a relief to know your pet has somewhere to go aside from your home.