No matter how great traveling is, most travellers would agree that it is very exhausting. Whether by plane, by boat or just by bus, the body ends up feeling beaten at the same time rigid. What is the best cure for travel induced exhaustion? Three words: Whole body massage. Where better to get it but Bangkok, Thailand. It is where Thai massage originated. Bangkok spas are famous not just for their distinct massage method but also for the tropical yet serene atmosphere that gives you a glimpse of paradise. However, because of its sudden popularity, spas in Bangkok sprouted like mushrooms and finding the best one is a bit of a challenge. To make it easier here is a list which you can consider since these establishments were voted to be on the top 10.


THE ANANDA SPA is considered to be one of the finest in the city. They are located inside the President Solitaire hotel which makes it ideal for hotel guests. They offer not just massages but other spa treatments like scrubs, polishes and wraps. They offer deluxe treatment rooms and VIP rooms as well. The experience starts the moment you with tastefully designed and scented lobby that definitely suits its name which means harmony in Sanskrit.


CHI –THE SPA was designed to complement the feel and look of Shangri-la hotel where it is located.  In Chinese Philosophy “chi” refers to the life energy, life force that flows around and through the body forming a unified and effective mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Therefore, movement is encouraged through massage, exercise hydrotherapy, meditation and relaxation is the philosophy behind the Chi Spa.


I.SAWAN RESIDENTIAL SPA & CLUB BANGKOK embraces the mythical definition of “the fifth level of heaven”. It is situated in the garden of Grand Hyatt Erawan which complements its array of features that includes not just spa facilities but, fitness, cuisine and accommodation as well. It is fitting then that they are called garden in the sky.


HAPA SPA is unlike most of spas that adopted traditional eastern design. Instead, it has the feel of modernism allover that spills even to their services.  Eastern and Western influence is prevalent in the designs and their offer not just traditional but also scientific. These definitely makes them live up to the name Hapa which in Hawaiian means “mixed descent”. It as if to prove a point, it stands on its own on the Sukhumvit Soi 3.


LEYANA SPA was designed to feel like a destination in itself. It even has a garden. Leyana was derived from the Latin word for the orchid Habenaria Lindleyana. The products uses in this spa are made of plant extracts and the methods are very natural.


RARINJINDA SPA is a modern spa that is fully equipped of the latest spa technology that meets the highest standards and yet still stays true traditional Thai massage and healing. Was voted the Best Luxury Destination Spa in 2012


PHOTALAI SPA and Wellness Center is dedicated to preserving Thailand’s Wat Po medical heritage and converting it to a lifestyle.


ORIENTAL SPA located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, promotes health and beauty through the use of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal medicines. M SPA AT FOUR SEASONS promises a luxurious spa experiences in exclusive suite rooms, by the pool or in their own rooms.


BANYAN TREE SPA Bangkok features one of the city’s most exclusive spa experiences being perched sky high amidst central business district.


SPA CENVAREE promotes the use of the positive energy of nature with the Traditional Thai healing to improve and individual’s well-being.