Thousands of tourists travel to Thailand every year, many of whom come for relaxation.  The crystal-clear waterfalls are breathtaking venues for that revival and retreat of the soul. But people who come for business and other purposes may not realize how good Thailand is for meditation.  It is about time you should start to grab this opportunity as even the key business streets boast of places for spiritual retreat. The Sukhumvit Road, located right at the heart of Bangkok, is where the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s economic activities is concentrated. But like in other parts of the capital, the road has pockets of special spiritual sanctuaries.  Visitors and expats can learn about spiritual elements that bind this country’s uniqueness, and they do not have to worry about not being able to communicate properly as there are English-educated people who can provide assistance anytime needed.


Ariyasom's Wholesome Affair

One of the ideal locations for a meditation is the Ariyasom Villa Boutique Hotel. The Ariyasom, built in 1942 as a family home, is genuinely attractive because its grounds offer a vast area just conducive to roaming around.  Its gardens have various nooks where you can enjoy personal meditation.  Such made Ariyasom an ideal for retreat, which is why the boutique hotel has offered a one-day meditation workshop.  Expats will not feel very foreign in this place as the workshop organizer and owner are Native English speakers.


Meditation Has Never Been This Good

The meditation workshop starts in the morning. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with a hot cup of coffee, traditional Thai breakfast called Pa Thong Ko, and juice, all for free. Within the day as the workshop progresses, you will enjoy free-flowing coffee and a vegetarian lunch, both for free. The workshop at Ariyasom ends with the serving of a variety of Thai fruits.  This is definitely not a cheap affair for Ariyasom, but it is willing to accommodate as many as 30 participants in the workshop. The meditation workshop, in fact, is also free of charge. Hence, it attracts not only expats but also backpackers and tourists alike.  The workshop teaches Vipassana meditation or what is known as “Insight Meditation.”  The instruction is practical and is being provided by trainers at Wat Kow Tahm (Mountain Cave Monastery) International Meditation Center. You can find this center in Koh Phangan in southern Thailand.


More Details

At the workshop, you would be asked to meditate and reflect while seated. You will also be introduced to a walking meditation in Ariyasom’s gardens.  Moreover, there is a guided meditation that leads to gaining compassion and understanding. The gurus use everyday scenarios to illustrate how meditation can help in lessening anxieties brought about by unpleasant situations. At the end of the workshop, you will notice a reinvigorated feeling like that one you get after you went on a weekend getaway. The only difference is the former would take only a bit of your precious time.   


Whatever your purpose is for visiting Thailand, check out this haven for a worthwhile and uplifting few hours of your hectic trip.  It is not bad for something given free of charge.