With people’s newfound need to look and feel young and with the advances in medical technology, cosmetic surgery industry has become one of the hottest trends in modern medicine. Millions of people every year opt to get some form of cosmetic or corrective surgery, and an overwhelming number of them are choosing to have their procedure done abroad.


Thailand, once known as a hotspot for sex tours, ceaseless shopping, and wonderful delicacies, is making itself known as one of the world’s capitals for aesthetic beautification. Curious? Find out why:


Debunking the Negative Stereotype

Thailand was once only known as a tropical paradise. Cheap and beautiful, it was only until recently that it began making a name for itself in the realm of medical tourism. Thailand’s government has taken advantage of its smart and capable doctors and warm and friendly people and has built an industry around cosmetic surgery and special aftercare. World class educational and medical institutions have begun to see the value of Thailand’s hospitals. Because Thailand has dedicated so much money to improving their medical facilities, Thai hospitals are often even better equipped than hospitals in the West. Visitors to Bangkok health institutions have even remarked that they look so much cleaner than their counterparts in the West. Because Thailand also puts a lot of funding into education, Thai doctors just happen to be some of the best in the world. In fact, the majority of them will travel to medical institutions in the West for further training. These doctors are also adept at using the most advanced medical equipment and know how to handle patients. 



More Botox for Your Baht

Another reason why Bangkok’s cosmetic surgery industry is thriving is because of its highly competitive rates. Surgery in Bangkok can cost anywhere from 50 to 90 percent less than what it costs in America, Australia, or Europe. In America, Botox done on a larger part of the body like the forehead can cost as much as $700. Botox in Thailand for the same area costs as low as $300. Considering the quality of Bangkok medical facilities and Thai surgeons, that $400 in additional savings can mean a lot.


Service Deluxe

The Thai government has taken advantage of the influx of foreigners looking for cheap plastic surgery by packaging deluxe vacations together with the actual medical procedures. Many foreigners prefer to remain in the country during their recovery period. Many clients will book a flight; get the surgery done; and return home looking fresh and beautiful. No one even has to know about the surgery! They can just attribute the new look to rest, relaxation, and massive doses of sunshine. The management of Bangkok's medical institutions have taken it upon themselves to treat every client like royalty. This includes assigning them a personal assistant, a limousine and driver, and a luxury cabana on the shores of one of Thailand’s beautiful beaches. Sounds wonderful, right? Well it is. Bangkok’s cosmetic surgery industry is soaring so high that it is expected to hit $2 billion by the end of 2012. With Thailand continuously funneling money into medical care, medical training, and hospitality, those numbers could rise even higher within the next five years.


So if you’re considering getting a little nip/tuck, you may as well get a little bang for your buck. With world-class doctors and facilities and the option of recovering on a beach, frosted margarita in hand, there really is no way to go wrong!