Houses for rent

Houses for Rent in Bangkok at great prices

Many Thai’s and expats moving to Bangkok, or who have been living here a long time, prefer renting a house over a condo or apartment.  This is no problem at BKKCondos as we also have a good selection of houses and townhouses available for rent for you to view.


Please browse our site for a sample selection of some of the houses currently available to rent that we have on our books.  Alternatively contact us today for the latest and up-to-date info on our properties matching your requirements and budget.  You can be assured of getting a friendly, professional and attentive service from our staff at all times; as well as expert advice for any queries you might have about renting a house in Bangkok.


We will do everything we can to find the perfect house rental for you whilst taking care and guiding you through the rental process to make the whole experience as hassle-free as possible.


Similarly, if you are a landlord and want an experienced, professional and proactive Bangkok real-estate agent to market and manage your property then get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help.


Why rent a house over a condo in Bangkok?

There are many reasons why Thais and expats prefer renting a house over a condo or apartment. It can simply be put down to a matter of opinion or preference but people who opt for the house will often cite a reason of the more ‘homely feel’ you can get from a house. 


The large condominium complexes, although full of luxury, amenities and convenience; and certainly feeling very homely to their residents can, at the same time, feel lacking in character and authenticity to some.  Especially if you come from a background or culture where you are not used to living in such large complexes, with so many other people coming and going, it can certainly feel a bit intense and daunting.   To avoid these issues (if you see them as issues) the opportunity to rent a separate house is much more appealing. 


A lot of the houses in Bangkok, especially the older ones, also tend to have a lot more character than the normal “uniform” design of newer condos and apartments which is attractive to many clientele.


A lot of ‘would be renters’ in the market simply do not have the option to consider a condo.  Maybe they own a dog and need a garden and a flexible landlord who doesn’t mind pets (most condominiums will not allow pets).  Or they just want a bit more space or privacy for their money - which houses, especially older ones out of the town centre will allow for.


Houses for Rent in Bangkok at great prices

  • Sale: ฿ 9,000,000
  • Rent from: ฿ 55,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Area: Namdang-Bangplee Road
  • Location: Srinakarin
  • Rent from: ฿ 60,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Living Area Size: 300 Sqm
  • Area: Bangkok
  • Location: Thong Lor
  • Rent from: ฿ 70,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Bedroom: 4
  • Living Area Size: 400 Sqm
  • Area: Phrom Phong
  • Location: Phrom Phong
  • Rent from: ฿ 90,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Bedroom: 5
  • Living Area Size: 1600 Sqm
  • Area: Suan Luang
  • Location: On Nut
  • Rent from: ฿ 100,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Living Area Size: 85 Sqm
  • Area: Thong Lo
  • Location: Thong Lo
  • Rent from: ฿ 200,000 /month
  • Type: House
  • Living Area Size: 306 Sqm
  • Area: Chit Lom
  • Location: Chidlom