Bangkok - Key Locations

The beauty and charm that Thailand has to offer, may it be as a tourist destination or a business district, is simply irresistible. Visitors come to enjoy its sights and sounds and get a taste of its rich culture. This is definitely a top choice destination in Southeast Asia known for great food and friendly people. Many have already considered this to be a comfortable place of retirement or even a good place to invest and buy property.  Its capital city is Bangkok and many multinational corporations have their regional headquarters here as it is considered to be a regional force in business and finance in this region. If you happen to consider owning a piece of real estate, here’s a quick guide to the key places in Bangkok that you might want to look at and know more about.



This district/Road is considered an exclusive one since this is where many of Bangkok's restaurants, bars and clubs are located. There are also top notch real estate projects located on this long road including villas, apartment, and condos. Expats and foreign visitors also favor this area because of its central and highly accessible location by BTS sky train especially to the Central Business District and the shopping districts. The real estate options mostly available here are apartments and condominiums. You might have a hard time though looking for houses with gardens or pools as the space here is very limited.


Situated here as well are the two most established hospitals in the country Bumrungad International and Samitivej. This place just has the best restaurants, shopping centers, and schools which make it ideal for city living.


Sukhumvit can be subdivided into the following areas;


  • Thong Lor

This is located in the north of Bangkok. It has a collection of exquisite bars, boutiques, and restaurants. It also features minimalism in the designs of its malls and this is why this place is aptly considered a 'hip place' to hang out, not only in the city but it is as well famed in the region. The main Thong Lor road has wide pavements and you can walk under the canopy of the trees that line the street. This is also where you can find the “Gourmet Mile”. It is an area where the chic and sophisticated restaurants are located along Thong Lor Soi 9.

This area is just bustling with activity as new establishments are frequently constructed or opened.


  • Ekkamai

Also known as Ekamai, this area marks the end of Sukhumvit luxury high rise expat region. The choices you have regarding real estate rentals are also varied. Though there also exist many large gated communities here.


  • Phrom Phong

This area is fairly considered already a residential area but some tourist attraction still exist here. One of the landmarks in this area is the Emporium shopping mall and is just directly linked to the station. This makes it fairly convenient for shoppers even for those who are in a commute. Looking for real estate would be fairly easy in this area as there would be a wide option to choose from.


  • Asoke

This is considered to be the main office area of the Sukhumvit region. There are many high rise buildings in this area. The price here is typically high as well being centrally located. Traffic here is considered really bad as this is a tourist district where malls and nightlife abound.


  • Nana

This area is located near the red lights district in the city of Bangkok and is considered one of the booze and sex districts of the area. Though this may fairly have a negative connotation this particular location is still centrally located and is a good start off point if you are staying in Bangkok. It also has its own BTS station so commuting is really easy and efficient. Apartments and Condominiums are also available in this area.


Other areas of Bangkok


If you want to consider having a central location then this area is also nice to consider. This is fairly dubbed as a new area of development in Bangkok where there are high rise offices, upscale apartments, embassies, expensive shopping malls and luxury hotels. So if you are looking for more traditional tourist spots then this place unfortunately lacks those things but it certainly compensates for having the most chic restaurants and hotels. This is also the typical area to shop and dine especially when you want to be seen amongst the hip crowd that frequents the place. The prices of real estate are also high here considering its prime location.



This area is a good option for people who are enchanted with panoramic skylines and tasteful architecture. Although it could be expensive living in this area, you would be assured of a sophisticated lifestyle as this location is abounded with the posh restaurants and upscale boutiques. If you are up for some nightlife, this is also the perfect place to be in. There is the nearby Lumpini Park with picturesque lakes where you can experience outdoor concerts. The Royal Bangkok Sports Club is also in the neighborhood so if you want to break some sweat, it wouldn’t be a problem.


This particular area is very close to the Central Business District and ideal if you have a business or if you are working there. Mostly young corporate people live in this place as most available options for rent are apartments and condominiums. If you are looking for houses to rent though it is located off the Sathorn Road as single home and town house developments are located in this particular location.


Being near the CBD the mass transit options available are the Sala Daeng and Chong Nonsi BTS sky train stations and the Silom and Lumpini MRT subway stations.


Having a place here just enables you to enjoy the perks of city living in terms of proximity to work at day and accessibility of entertainment facilities like malls, bar, and restaurants.


Riverside/Rama 3

If you fancy living on with a water front view of the river then this would be the best place to consider. This particular district actually incorporates the following areas Charoenkrung, Charoennakorn, Rama lll and Narathiwas-Ratchanakarin Road on the both sides of the Chaophraya River.


The river has two sides one being the Bangkok side where there is only a limited number of real estate which are for rent mostly in the form of apartments or condos while the Thonburi side is considered less attractive because of the limited access you have to the Central Business District due to the fewer number of bridges that link to it.



If you like to live just close to the city so that you could still enjoy its perks but at the same time be far enough to get away from the traffic and noise then this could be the area for you to settle. This place would be best if you have a car as there is limited public transport that you can use going to this area. One of its clear advantages though is that this place is near enough to the airport that’s why many expats also consider this particular place as an option. Being quite of distance from the city you also enjoy a lesser price in your rental or a cheaper price in owning the property you are eyeing for.


This is also the place to look for houses with a large yard and an open space that is typically ideal for family living. Top international schools are also present in this area which just validates the kind of community this area offers.


North Bangkok

One of the most significant landmarks this place has and also is the reason why many expats consider this place is the International School of Bangkok or ISB which offers a standard American curriculum which most residents really appreciate.


Noted developer Nichada Thani is the primary developer in the area. This is a secure real estate location where the ISB is also located. In here you will be able to find a mix of single houses, condominiums and townhouses. Sporting facilities are also available here which just makes having a residence in the area most exciting and entertaining. This also has a very exclusive feel because the most expensive housing rentals in Bangkok can be found here. You also need to prepare yourself to commute as shopping and other entertainment facilities are located in downtown Bangkok.


Clearly it’s just a matter of choice and priority that needs to be considered in choosing the area where to rent or buy real estate. Price may be a big factor in your decision but always remember that there are also options available within the price range that you want without sacrificing the comfort and location that you truly desire. Keep an open mind while exploring a lot of possibilities and once you make up your mind, make sure you have the necessary papers needed and that the transaction is legal. Then you can begin experiencing living in this country and enjoy what it has to offer.